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Age range 18 - 34 (40%)
Age range 25 - 33 (38%)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insert a "link in bio" or a story "swipe up" link for my Instagram advertisement?

You can add a direct link to your advertisements through our website or Instagram story 'swipe up'. Our Instagram 'link in bio' is not available for advertisements.

How long will my advertisement last?

On our website:your advertisement will run until its targeted number of impressions is reached.
On our social media: your advertisement will run until its scheduled time.

Where will my advertisement appear on the website?

Your ad will appear at the top of our website and in between articles, similar to current ads on our site.

What are “impressions”?

Impressions are the number of times your advertisement appears on users screens. 1000 impressions means your ad appeared on 1000 screens.

What happens if my advertisement doesn’t reach the targeted number of impressions?

The ad will stay up until it reaches the targeted number of impressions.

Will I be able to see the number of impressions my advertisement received?

Yes, we will email you information displaying your advertisement’s analytics after the targeted number of impressions is reached.

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