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Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Is Now Officially A Sanctioned Fight

FILE PHOTO (EDITOR'S NOTE: COMPOSITE OF IMAGES - Image numbers 1469806982 and 1437611311) In this composite image a comparison between Former Boxer Mike Tyson (L) and Jake Paul (R). Tyson and Paul face in July 2024 exhibition fight. ***LEFT IMAGE*** RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - FEBRUARY 26: Former Boxer Mike Tyson looks on prior to the Cruiserweight Title fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury at the Diriyah Arena on February 26, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images) ***RIGHT IMAGE*** GLENDALE, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 29: Jake Paul takes the ring for his cruiserweight bout against Anderson Silva of Brazil at Desert Diamond Arena on October 29, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson is now officially sanctioned by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. This means the protagonists will not wear headgear and the result of the bout goes against each fighter’s record.

According to ESPN, Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions went out of its way to make the July 20 affair more than just an exhibition. Tyson previously told the media it will be a real and brutal fight, and it looks like it’s about to be one.

Here’s the official statement of Most Valuable Promotions co-founder Nakisa Bidarian to ESPN:

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul signed on to fight each other with the desire to do so in a sanctioned professional fight that would have a definitive outcome. Over the past six weeks, MVP has worked with its partners to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to sanction Paul vs. Tyson, and we are grateful that we have gotten to this point.

Since the announcement of the fight, which will take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and will be streamed on Netflix, there were questions surrounding what the rules would be given the two fighters have more than a three-decade age difference.

Nakisa Bidarian’s statement to ESPN

As Bidarian noted, a sanctioned fight is safer than an exhibition match. Unlike the latter, a sanctioned bout employs a ringside physician who can stop the fight at any moment if he deems it necessary.

That said, the fight will only have eight, two-minute rounds. In addition, the fighters will wear 14-oz gloves.

Paul vs. Tyson will be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, a venue that has an 80,000-person capacity. In addition, Netflix will stream the boxing event live for fans worldwide.