255 Deaths, Kai Cenat Still Hasn’t Defeated Malenia In Elden Ring

251 Deaths, Kai Cenat Still Hasn't Defeated Malenia In Elden Ring. Photo by Kai Cenat Live/YouTube

Kai Cenat is feeling every Elden Ring player’s pain as he goes through one of the game’s most brutal boss battles. Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is an overwhelmingly tricky boss that even spawned one of gaming’s biggest heroes.

Kai Cenat’s Crazy Promise To Twitch Viewers

He promised fans and viewers he wouldn’t click “stop streaming” until he’s beaten Elden Ring. This would be a satisfactory arrangement for a streaming marathon. However, picking one of the most challenging franchise entries in the Soulslike lineup is a crazy decision.

He’s 129 hours, 50 minutes, 15 seconds, and 255 deaths in as of writing. He’s beaten the likes of Radahn, Godrick, and other early and mid-game bosses. Now, he’s facing one of the most challenging bosses, Malenia.

If you don’t know Elden Ring and haven’t played it yet, this is what Malenia’s fight looks like. Each white line on the screen is an instance of damage, which deals a ton. Moreover, she slices more than ten times during this attack. Even worse, she heals with every hit. Lastly, she’s got a second phase that’s even harder than the first.

The Twitch streamer had his first taste of Malenia’s Waterfowl Dance and couldn’t respond.

A few deaths later, he eventually triumphed over Malenia. Well, her first phase, anyway. Cenat thought it was over and claimed the fight was “easy.” Little did he know the surprise was waiting for him.

He Might Need Let Me Solo Her’s Help

251 Deaths, Kai Cenat Still Hasn't Defeated Malenia In Elden Ring. Photo by Kai Cenat/Twitch
Photo by Kai Cenat/Twitch

The Elden Ring boss’ difficulty created a legend among the community. A character named “Let Me Solo Her” started helping other Tarnished with the boss battle, even achieving no-hit runs at times wearing nothing but a jar on their head.

Meanwhile, this garnered the affection of the whole community, as many revered him as the chosen one. Cenat might need their help if he wants to finish Elden Ring eventually. He might be able to beat Malenia, but he’s currently struggling with the second phase.

Nevertheless, this is an entertaining and frustrating stream for his 130,000 viewers.

Do you think Cenat will eventually beat her without any help?

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