A HoloNiji Apex Tournament is in the Works Thanks to Selen Tatsuki

Selen announced a HoloNiji tournament (Photo from Nijisanji)

Selen Tatsuki just celebrated her birthday with her Vtuber friends and fans. Despite being the birthday girl, Tatsuki had a special gift for everyone: a custom HoloNiji Apex Tournament officially supported by Electronic Arts (EA) and Apex Legends.

Tatsuki revealed the event’s official logo during her birthday stream.

Tatsuki will announce more details on December 3, 2023. She also proudly shared that this event has “been in the works for a very long time.” Initially, the tournament only involved Vtubers from Nijisanji EN (NijiEN) and Holostars. Due to some changes, and support from involved companies, the tournament will now involve Vtubers from all Hololive and Nijisanji branches. Moreover, EA will give out prizes during the tournament.

There will be around 10-15 teams involved. Every Hololive and Nijisanji branch will be represented either through full Hololive teams, full Nijisanji, or hybrid teams. TSB, which is Tatsuki’s team, will also participate.

Sources also say that this tournament may become an annual thing.

The Future of Vtuber and Apex Community

Fans are proud of Tatsuki’s efforts to make this HoloNiji Apex Tournament happen and it’s understandable why. Years ago, it was challenging for a collaboration between these two major Vtuber companies to occur, but now Tatsuki will lead an official Apex tournament with the involvement of major Apex Vtubers.

This tournament is a small yet impactful step for both Anycolor and Hololive. Once this tournament becomes a major success, it will pave the way for more Apex-Vtuber events in the future. More Vtubers and Apex streamers can do events similar to this in the future, hopefully with the support of EA as well.

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