Bill Gates is regretful of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 06: Bill Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation speaks onstage at 2019 New York Times Dealbook on November 06, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times)

Bill Gates is one of the most powerful businessmen and philanthropists in the world. He has proven time and again to be an innovative thinker who is always one step ahead. However, Gates’ relationship with Jeffrey Epstein proved that even he is prone to lapses in judgment. The connection between the two men cost Gates some respectability and possibly his marriage.

A recent New York Times article said that the relationship between Gates and Epstein played a role in Gates’ recent divorce from Melinda French Gates. During an August 4th interview on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked Gates if he regretted his relationship with Epstein. He replied immediately:

“Oh, certainly.”

Bill Gates

The cause for Gates’ connection to Epstein

While it is easy to see why Gates now regrets talking with Epstein, his reasons made some sense at the time. Epstein was a high-powered hedge fund manager. He had plenty of money at his disposal. Says Gates,

“I had several dinners with him hoping that what he said about getting billions for philanthropy for global health through contacts he had might emerge. You know, when it looked like that wasnít a real thing, that relationship ended.”

Bill Gates

Reasons for regret

In 2019, New York police apprehended Epstein on sex trafficking charges. It later came out that he assaulted, abused, and trafficked girls, many of whom were underage. Federal investigators identified 36 different victims, but there are likely many more. The case featured added drama because of Epstein’s connection to many prominent figures like Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew. However, even before that arrest and their dinners, Gates should have had cause for concern.

Looking back on their dinners now, Gates says,

“It was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him credibility. You know there were lots of others in that same situation, but I made the same mistake.”

Bill Gates

While Gates (hopefully) was referring to the fact that he didn’t stand up to a sex trafficker and abuser, he also could have been referring to his marriage. Bill and Melinda French Gates finalized their divorce on August 2nd after 27 years together. The two were once the paragon of a true partnership in marriage. They ran the Gates foundation together, one of the biggest philanthropic organizations on the planet. Sources have said that Melinda had voiced concerns about Bill’s relationship with Epstein even before their divorce.

While Gates appeared on CNN to discuss many other issues, his comments on his divorce and Epstein stole the headlines. Anderson Cooper initially seemed hesitant to bring up the topic of Gates’ divorce. It is, after all, a personal matter. However, when a personal matter involves splitting one of the largest fortunes in the world, it becomes an object of public interest. Such is the price of fame and wealth.

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