Deion Sanders brings in Instagram model Brittany Renner to ‘teach’ his players about social media

In an effort to educate his players about the risks of social media, Deion Sanders invited Instagram model Brittany Renner to speak to his players at Jackson State University. The NFL Hall of Famer Sanders has been head coach at JSU since September of 2020.

This week, Sanders set out to educate his player about a different side of life than football, however. To give his players a lesson about the dangers of the celebrity status of the high-level athlete, Sanders brought in Brittany Renner to talk to the team.

It seems the goal of Sanders’ guest was to teach his players about potentially exploitive women on social media. Brittany Renner is an Instagram model who has experience on the other end of the spectrum. In 2018, Renner published a book called ‘Judge this Cover.’ The book outlined some of�Renner’s relationships with prominent athletes and entertainers.�

The extracurricular lesson offered the players a perspective they probably hadn’t thought of. With Sanders’ approval, Renner offered her advice.

“So as a man, you be prepared to stand on principle. So if you want to lie and you want to cheat, just like in my situation, you got to accept it how it comes. Accept what comes behind it.” 

Brittany Renner

While it may not be a traditional coaching move, Sanders seems to offer players a real-world perspective. However, many are criticizing his “guest speaker” as a PR move. He wouldn’t be the first college coach to embarrass himself this season

Coach Prime is having success at JSU

Despite the antics of Deion Sanders bringing in Brittany Renner, it seems many of Sanders’ coaching tactics are winning. In his second season at the helm for JSU, Sanders won SWAC Coach of the Year after a 10-1 regular season. Before taking the reigns in 2020, Sanders had never coached at the college level. This season, Sanders led the team to a winning record, even as he had to miss time due to foot surgery. 

We’ll see if Sanders’s coaching career continues to take off following a successful season. 

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