Discord Gets An Ads Update Named The ‘Sponsored Quests’ System

SPAIN - 2021/04/27: In this photo illustration a Discord logo in seen displayed on a smartphone screen with a Discord logo in the background. (Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

An ads update will greet and bombard Discord users in the coming days.

Discord is a messaging app that has been popular with gamers since its launch in 2015. It offers multiple channels, including text and voice, making online communication organized and accessible for everyone. It is also easy to pin chats and stream games within friend groups.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a new change will invade the messaging app within the coming week. Users can expect paid promotions to appear at the bottom of the left of their screens while they’re using Discord. These will be targeted ads, hence they will differ per user depending on their age, geographic location data, and gameplay. 

To make things more entertaining rather than a nuisance, the app will reward users whenever they complete “in-game tasks” within the new Sponsored Quests system.

Thankfully, there is an option to turn off ads in Discord once this new system launches.

“Users may still see Quests, however, if they navigate to their Gift Inventory and/or through contextual entry points like a user’s friends’ activity. They’ll also have the option to hide an in-app promotion for a specific Quest or game they’re not interested in.”

Senior product communications manager Carlson in an interview with Wall Street Journal

Why the change?

Discord Ad (Photo from Discord)
Photo from Discord

It is easy to hypothesize that the new change is due to the company’s desire for profit. Currently, Discord Nitro is the company’s only source of revenue, and it costs $10 max.

The company hopes that the new Discord Ads Update will boost its revenue.

Their current financial state may seem lacking on the surface. However, the Wall Street Journal previously shared that the company seemed to be well-off with $600 million in revenue.

Additionally, Discord users are skeptical of the company as it previously announced that it will have major layoffs this year.

Reactions from the public

Former Instagram executive Meghana Dhar worries that this new addition will only make the company’s problems worse. She thinks current discord users may choose another app to use as the influx of unwanted advertisements turns them off.

Meghana Dhar (Photo from LinkedIn)
Photo from LinkedIn

Reddit users are also understandably irritated by this upcoming change.

byu/bonesnaps from discussion

Only time will tell what targeted ads will spell for the Discord app and its community.

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