Dreamworks Makes a Deal with Story Kitchen To Make Their Own Video-Game Film or TV Show Adaptations

Dreamworks Logo (Photo from Dreamworks)

Hollywood is once again showing its interest in the video game industry. Dreamworks Animation has just signed a major deal with media company Story Kitchen.

This was first reported by Deadline just a few hours ago.

The deal entails that Story Kitchen will secure “exciting, iconic, Videogame IP for DWA to adapt for global animated audiences.” Despite the excitement in their announcement, they still have no official announcement regarding which video-game franchises they will adopt. However, both companies reassured everyone that “future announcements are expected soon.”

Overall, this partnership was most likely to capitalize on the recent trend of bringing video games to theaters or popular streaming sites. Last of Us by HBO and the critically acclaimed animated Netflix show Arcane were just two of the best video game adaptations that came out recently. Now, Dreamworks is putting its hat in the ring.

More about Story Kitchen

According to their official LinkedIn profile, they are experts and “visionaries in adapting video games for film and television.

The company previously worked on the following video game adaptations:

  • Vampire Survivors animated TV show
  • Film adaptation of Streets of Rage

While these are some of their less-known works, they also took part in a popular video game film adaptation. Dmitri M. Johnson, who was the producer of the recent Sonic the Hedgehog film, founded Story Kitchen.

Additionally, the indie game scene may be brought to the Hollywood light as Story Kitchen has already secured rights on some of the more popular ones. One example is Dredge, an indie horror management sim with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam.

They are also working on an It Takes Two adaptation in partnership with Amazon. The game is a split-screen co-op game perfect for couples. Its innovative gameplay is also one of the many reasons why it won Game of the Year back in 2021.

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