Everything About The League Bee Skins in PBE 13.23

The Bee Skins are back! (Photo from League of Legends )

After a minor setback, Riot finally released PBE for 13.23 and it looks like the bee skins are back. Subsequently, 13.22 is also live, meaning players can now finally buy the long-awaited Heartsteel skins.

Alongside the bee skins, League has teased a lot of big map changes, as well as the return of the well-beloved Arenas mode. Here is everything you need to know about PBE 13.23.

PBE Bee Skins: King Beegar

Everyone is excited to see the adorable skins that made their way to PBE. For starters, King Beegar is as “terrifying” as ever.

Veigar is an adorable yordle who swears to kill everyone. This skin expresses the same irony, with this adorable little king being swooped away by his bee subjects in his recall. His autos leave a sticky honey effect on his allies, while his W leaves a crown mark on the floor as a honey jar crashes to the ground.

The most notable effect, though, would be his cage. Once summoned, pink flowers will appear with a randomized number of bees sleeping in them. Snoring sound effects will be played, albeit it might not be noticeable during a chaotic fight.

King Beegar as he uses his ult (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

It’s important also to mention King Beegar’s ultimate as he sends his Queen Bee towards a champion while doing an adorable emoji.

Lastly, here are King Beegar’s chromas. The artist team added a great detail of changing the expressions of the bee onesie per chroma.

King Beegar's chromas (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

PBE Bee Skins: Bee’Koz

Bee’koz’s recall reveals that Queen Bee is controlling the Vel’koz machinery. Her loyal bee subjects try to drag her back to her suit to fulfill her royal duties. It was certainly adorable and entertaining to watch.

In this skin, Bee’koz’s passive marks are indicated through honeycomb icons. His remaining abilities are also filled with honey, while his Q shoots a pair of bees towards the enemies.

Lastly, here are his chromas:

Bee'koz chromas (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

It’s amazing to see that even the Queen bees change colors and not just the suits.


The concept behind this skin is charming. Beezcrank is controlled by a single bee who wants to help his colony by collecting more honey. His hook is a sticky robotic arm covered in an excessive amount of honey.

Furthermore, his ultimate is a burst of honey explosion around enemies and allies.

Beezcrank's Ultimate (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Beezcrank’s passive in his ultimate is an adorable flower mark on the enemies this time.

Beezcrank's ult passive (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Lastly, Beezcrank’s chromas are goofy and creative with their color palettes. Similar to King Beegar, Beezcrank’s expressions in his robot change per chroma

Beezcrank's Chromas (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Other News Revealed in PBE

While the highlights of PBE 13.23 were the bee skin line, new skins and teasers for a new champion also made their way in this patch.

For starters, the Winterblessed skins are coming in the near future. Some sources say they will be back in time for 13.24. Both Thresh and Sylas already have their Winterblessed skins revealed.

The two will be part of Arenas. It’s a well-loved returning game mode, and Riot will finally make it a permanent one in the future. Many speculate it will be back in 13.24.

Other than the Winterblessed skins, there were hints of map changes, as SkinSpotlights showed.

These may be pre-season changes coming in the future, alongside the new midlaner Hwei.

Teaser of Hwei in the PBE (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

That is all for the PBE 13.23. For more League news, check these out: