Funimation Shuts Down Amidst the Crunchyroll Merger

Funimation Logo (Photo from Funimation)

The anime-streaming platform Funimation shuts down as its services will be completely transferred to Crunchyroll. Thus, the site and app service will end on April 2, 2024, according to their recent blog post.

Funimation users must opt to either merge their account with Crunchyroll or completely migrate to the new platform altogether. This means that users can keep their watch history and watch list

The blog post covered the steps on how to do it:

  1. Log in to Crunchyroll using your Funimation credentials
  2. The site will offer three options to sync your account:
    1. Combine Funimation and Crunchyroll data
    2. Replace my Crunchyroll data with Funimation data
    3. Save Crunchyroll data only
  3. Confirm the changes by selecting “YES, I AM SURE”
Migrating to Crunchyroll (Photo from Funimation)
Photo from Funimation

On top of these detailed steps, the blog post also covered an extensive Q&A, ranging from brand-new subscription fees and the state of digital copies Funimation users previously bought.

New Subscription Fees and the state of digital copies

Incoming users will receive their subscription fees in the next billing cycle. The post also confirmed that it would follow Crunchyroll’s pricing.

Thanks to the site’s service update, users were also informed that Crunchyroll’s subscription plan was increased by half. From $54.95 a year, new and current users must now pay $99.99 a year to enjoy Crunchyroll’s services. These prices will apply starting on January 28, 2025.

Furthermore, according to the Q&A, Funimation users will lose the digital copies of animes they previously bought as they won’t be able to access them on Crunchyroll. The blog post explicitly mentioned that “Crunchyroll does not currently support Funimation Digital copies, which means that access to previously available digital copies will not be supported.

While this is a piece of tragic news for Funimation users, Crunchyroll has reassured everyone that they are working to enhance their streaming service to deliver the experience to anime fans globally.

Unfortunately, this level of optimism still doesn’t sit well with anime fans, especially on Twitter/X.

“Funimation Shuts Down” is certainly a headline that’ll shock plenty of anime fans. Perhaps only time will tell if this move by Crunchyroll will benefit them or spell their slow demise.

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