Furniture Store “Wayfair” Accused of Child Trafficking

Wayfair has come under fire over the last couple of days as they are being accused of child trafficking.

Wayfair, a popular online store for furniture and home decor, has been facing accusations of child trafficking over the past 48 hours.

Many people online noticed very expensive prices for items such as a cabinet or a pillow with the same names as missing children.

Swipe through the above Instagram post to view examples.

Photo documentation has explicitly spotted Wayfair�s President of Operations, Bill Hutcherson with Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is a known associate of sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein. This has people on Twitter convinced that Wayfair is guilty.�

Many users on Twitter have also pointed out that this Wayfair scandal is coming to light after Ghislaine Maxwell was recently arrested. Moreover, criminals can snitch on accomplices to receive a lighter sentence.

Subsequently, Wayfair responded to the allegations by saying, �There is, of course, no truth to these claims. The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced. � Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from the site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point.

Wayfair and a Glee Star?

Some users on Twitter are even convinced that Wayfair is responsible for the disappearance of Naya Rivera. Rivera was a star on the popular show Glee who mysteriously went missing recently.

As you can see in the above photo, there is a doormat for sale for $1,121,987. This is very similar to Rivera�s birthdate (01/12/1987). The mat also has �Rivera� in its name and is 19.38 inches in height. This is similar to the area of the lake where the actress went missing (1,938 mi). This claims may seem to be the conspiracy-theory type, but having any connection to Jeffrey Epstein warrants concern.�

An investigation is expected to follow soon.

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