GTA V 10-Year Anniversary: New Outfits, Cars, and Bonuses

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GTA V celebrates its 10-year anniversary on September 17, 2023. Photo from WCCFetch.

GTA V reaches its 10-year anniversary on September 17, 2023. Even if it’s been a decade since its release, GTA Online is still recording nearly 100,000 average players and as many as 200,000 peak players this year. Rockstar Games is celebrating the 10th year mark by releasing new content and bonuses on GTA Online this week.

Celebrate the GTA V 10-Year Anniversary with New Content

The GTA V 10-Year Anniversary features new outfits inspired by the main characters of the base game. Photo from Rockstar Games.
Photo from Rockstar Games

So, what kind of content are Rockstar Games adding to GTA Online this week? For starters, they are adding outfits inspired by the three main characters of GTA V: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. In addition, they are releasing the Bravado Hotring Hellfire sports car. Players can purchase the car in the Southern Andreas Super Autos. On the other hand, GTA+ members can claim it for free at the Vinewood Car Club until October 11.

The Bravado Hotring Hellfire may be the only new car for the 10th Anniversary Event, but there are cars returning to the game as well. These are Obey 9F (50% off), Bravado Buffalo S, Canis Bodhi, and Obey Tailgater. Players can purchase these cars in-game through Simeon Yetarian.

A couple of luxury cars are on a discount this week. The Obey 10F is 40% off, while the Bravado Buffalo EVX is 20% off. These cars can be found at the Luxury Autos Showroom.

Money and XP Boosts

The GTA-V 10-Year Anniversary week will feature missions with bonus money and XP. These missions include Lamar and Trevor's contact missions. Photo from Rockstar Games
Photo from Rockstar Games

Bonus money and XP are up for grabs in select missions this week. These missions feature the iconic characters from the main game. Firstly, Lamar and Trevor’s contact missions offer 4x bonus money and XP. Secondly, Franklin’s The Data Leaks mission offers a 2x bonus. There are also missions with boosts that do not feature the main characters. In particular, these are the Hangar Sell Missions and Come Out to Play, which offer 2x and 3x bonuses on money and RP, respectively. Finally, 4x money and RP are available on the Community Series – custom game modes made by the players themselves.

There is so much to enjoy on GTA Online this week to celebrate the GTA V 10-year anniversary. Fans are anticipating an announcement of GTA 6 sometime this week, too.

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