Leaks Reveal a Lego Collaboration With Fortnite

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Fortnite x Lego collaboration (Photo from Hypex on X)

Fans of the popular online game Fortnite are excited to see news from @Hypex on X. According to the user, players can expect a massive Fortnite-Lego collaboration this coming Dec. 7, 2023. Rumors regarding this collab started circling social media around a year ago.

Knowing this, the possibilities are endless for Fortnite gamers. The Lego franchise has always prioritized inspiring creativity and freedom in its products. This collab could potentially be the same. There will be new gaming experiences unlocked through unique Lego game features.

This isn’t Fortnite’s first collab with an iconic company and characters. For one, they had an Ariana Grande concert two years ago.

More Details on Fortnite Lego Collaboration

The biggest reveal about the collab is how players get to play as an actual Lego character. For now, it is unconfirmed if there will be unique skins available.

Additionally, Hypex mentioned that mining and crafting gameplay will also be available. To further expand this, the addition of “an inventory” has also been confirmed. Players can also mine ores across the map alongside additional props players can abuse.

Sleep Voting will also appear in this collab. This means players can interact more with one another. With those three new gameplay features in mind, fans are now anticipating that this collab will be greatly similar to Minecraft.

Players can also enjoy brand-new items such as the LEGO Stud Gun, Beds, Fences, Map Markers, and more.

Moreover, another source shared that the Lego map in Fortnite is going to have a Fog of War Feature.

Map in the LEGO mode is set to have a "Fog Of War" (Photo from @iFireMonkey)
Photo from @iFireMonkey on X

For a detailed run-down of the update, here is Hypex’s official tweet.

For now, fans are divided if this will be a great brand-new chapter for Fornite, or if will it be another ‘useless’ collab. All we know is that fans will find out on Dec. 7 as the collab makes its debut.

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