Get Excited for League of Legends Worlds 2023: Swiss Stage

LoL Park, where the qualifying matches took place (Photo from LoL Esports)

The main event of the Worlds tournament is here. Sixteen teams from Korea, China, North America, and Europe are now going to face each other in the Swiss Stage of the Worlds 2023 League of Legends tournament.

The Deciding Matches for the Swiss Stage

The results of the qualifying match for Worlds 2023 Swiss stage (Photo from LoL Esports)
Photo from LoL Esports

The qualifying matches for the Swiss stage finished yesterday, Oct. 16, 2023. There were four teams that participated. The first game was a deathmatch between two Vietnamese teams, GAM Esports vs Team Whales, with the former getting the honor of representing their country on the Worlds stage. The second game was a whopping reverse sweep between PSG and BDS with the latter getting the victory needed to secure their spot on Worlds. 

League of Legends Worlds 2023 Swiss Match-Ups

Match-ups for Day 1 of Swiss Stage (Photo from LoL Esports)
Photo from LoL Esports

A lot of the fans are excited to see 16 teams battle to the death. The League of Legends Worlds: Swiss stage starts on Oct. 19, 2023, and all the matches can be viewed live at the official LoL Esports website. Riot themselves promised that there would be free emotes waiting for viewers as long as they logged into the site with their riot account.

Below is the schedule for Day 1 of the Swiss Stage:

GEN vs GAM1 a.m. EST
NRG vs WBG2 a.m. EST
G2 vs DK3 a.m. EST
JDG vs BDS4 a.m. EST
T1 vs TL 5 a.m. EST
C9 vs MAD6 a.m. EST
BLG vs KT7 a.m. EST
FNC vs LNG 8 a.m. EST
Fans are excited to see the best League of Legends player play on the World’s stage once again, with that player being none other than Faker from T1. His match starts at 5 a.m. EST, where he’ll be facing Team Liquid. One could say that this could be some sort of rematch as Team Liquid’s Jungler, Pyosik, was one of the members who defeated T1 last year.

Another team fans are looking out for is JDG, a representative from China. If they win Worlds this year, they will be the first ones to ever achieve a grand slam. Their match begins at 4 a.m. EST.

Swiss Stage Explained

Swiss Stage is a 10-day long event with the final match commencing on Oct. 29. However, all teams will take a break on Oct. 24-25.

League of Legends Worlds 2023: Swiss Stage Format (Photo from LoL Esports)
Photo from LoL Esports

The Swiss stage may look complicated but it’s easier to understand than it looks.

Every time a team wins one match against another team, they are labeled as 1-0 similar to the image above. Then they are labeled as 0-1 every time they lose. In conclusion, the left number represents wins, while the right represents losses in matchups. For example, a team who’s labeled 2-2 means they’ve won two games, and lost two. 

Once a team reaches their elimination or qualifying match they will play a best of five. A team must reach three wins in order to qualify for the next stage of Worlds which is Knockouts. 

With all that said, get ready for the clash League’s best teams.

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