Government-Feared Anonymous Hacking Group Is Back

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MADRID, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 23: A protestor wears a mask of 'Anonymous' the loosely associated hacking group during a march by thousands of people on February 23, 2013 in Madrid, Spain. Public health workers, civil servants and disaffected citizens converged on central Madrid to protest against the austerity measures of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Anonymous Is Back And Is Trending All Over The Internet

A global pandemic, protests, riots, and now government-feared hacker groups. There is no shortage of news headlines this year.

The notorious hacker group “Anonymous” has been trending all over Twitter and the internet over the last few days.

The group came out of years of hibernation a few days ago. Since then, they have released supposed top-secret information.

Anonymous claims that President Donald Trump killed Jeffery Epstein to cover up his history of child trafficking and rape. They also claim that Russia has blackmail on Trump. After all their allegations, they then challenged US authorities to open an investigation into the President and his involvement in the Jeffery Epstein child trafficking network.  

After Anonymous’ claims about Trump, the hashtag #dicklessrapist was trending all over Twitter.

Trump responded to Anonymous’ claims by saying they are “fake news”. He continued on to say the group are “truly bad people with a sick agenda”. 

The hacker group has also been hacking different Police Department radios and blaring NWA’s “f–k the police” to prevent them from communicating with each other.

Anonymous’s Twitter page, @youranonnews, is currently at 6.9M followers and their followers count has grown immensely over the last few days. 

Anonymous is expected to continue hacking Police Departments and making serious allegations over the next couple of weeks.

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