Gunshots Hit Drake’s Security Guard Outside Of His Home In Toronto

Gunshots Hit Drake's Security Guard Just Outside Of His Home In Toronto. Photo by Getty Images

An unknown assailant fired shots at Drake’s security guard standing outside his home in Toronto, on Park Lane Circle. However, it’s unclear if this was a targeted attack.

Drake’s Security Guard Is In Critical Condition

Drake’s home recently came under attack in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The 50,000-square-foot territory is found in the more bourgeoisie area of the city.

Only one security guard was shot as he was transported to the hospital post haste. He’s recovering but is stated to be with serious injuries, according to an X (formerly Twitter) user.

Luckily, there were no other injuries. However, the bullets might have reached the rapper’s house, as there’s police tape around it.

The timing is coincidental, as Kendrick Lamar released his latest diss track for his ongoing feud against Drake just a few days ago. This doxxed the latter’s address with sex offender icons littered around it. Their feud picked up last month, and both artists fired back at one another.

However, there is no confirmation if the thumbnail led to this altercation.

Meanwhile, a retired Toronto Homicide Detective does find the connection interesting. They’re still marking it as a shooting without any ties to their ongoing feud.

The Ongoing Feud Is Causing Chaos

Many fans are already siding with Lamar on this feud, as many point out it feels like Drake is on the backfoot with the lyrical back-and-forth.

Meanwhile, others vandalize an OvO clothing store in London. Some fans spray the line “They not like us” on it, which nods toward Lamar’s latest diss track and single against Drake.

Moreover, fans are waiting for Drake’s response to the diss track. Nevertheless, it’s quite the time to be alive as a rap fan, as both Titans go back and forth.

Who’s your pick?

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