Honkai: Star Rail: Sparkle Kit, Leaks, Release Date, Eidolons and More

Sparke's Official Art (Photo from Star Rail)

Sparkle is one of the most anticipated five-star supports. She is a Quantum character on the path of Harmony. One may say that her skills bear a striking resemblance to Bronya, another meta-support. This mischievous girl boosts Crit DMG, Crit Rate, and DMG itself. To further understand her, let’s and discuss Sparkle and her kit in Honkai: Star Rail.

Who is Sparkle?

Invitation for Sparkle (Photo from Star Rail)
Photo from Star Rail

Players already met Sparkle in the recent Trailblaze Mission. Thus, they got a taste of her cunning personality and dangerous powers.

She is part of the Masked Fools, an intergalactic organization that serves Aha, who is also known as the Aeon of Elation. The group’s main goal is to pursue pleasure and joy, all while wreaking havoc wherever they go.

“They laugh at heroes for self-righteousness, kings for their lust of power, lovers for their infatuation, and scholars for their overthinking. The Fools’ objective is to stir the stagnant pool of life to create surges and change, because change is a source of mockery and amusement to the Fools.”

Masked Fools according to Star Rail’s Data Bank

Sparkle was invited to Star Rail’s latest world, Penacony, as a representative of The Masked Fools.

Sparkle’s Release Date

Official Art (Photo from Star Rail)
Photo from Star Rail

She will be the second banner right after Black Swan in 2.0. Thus, players can expect her banner to go live by February 29, 2024. Players will have around a month to save up for her as the banner will end on March 26, 2024.

Sparkle’s Abilities

As mentioned earlier, the biggest takeaway from Sparkle’s kit is she is a damage amplifier, all while boosting a carry’s Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Additionally, she is currently the only character that can give seven Skill Points (SP) to the player.

It’s important to note that these are all based on leaks and information from Project Yata; thus they could be subjected to change.


Sparkle's Official Art (Photo from Twitter)
Photo from Twitter
Red HerringWhile Sparkle is on the battlefield, additionally increases the max number of Skill Points by 2.

Whenever an ally consumes 1 Skill Point, all allies’ DMG increases by 3.0% (7.5% at max lvl). This effect lasts for 2 turn(s) and can stack up to 3 time(s).

Sparkle’s Talent is the one that boosts the player’s Skill Points (SP) to seven. To make the most out of her Skill, players must continuously use SP to proc the DMG boost.

Imbibitor Lunae, Seele, and Qingque synergize with Sparkle’s Talent as they consume a lot of SP.


Sparkle's Skill (Photo from Star Rail)
Photo from Star Rail
DreamdiverIncreases the CRIT DMG of a single ally by 12.0% (30% at max lvl) of Sparkle’s CRIT DMG plus 27.0% (54% at max lvl), lasting for 1 turn(s).

And at the same time, Advances Forward this ally’s action by 50%.

When Sparkle uses this ability on herself, the Action Advance effect will not trigger.

Sparkle’s Skill must be used as much as possible, as the Crit DMG boost only lasts for one turn. It is similar to Bronya’s Ultimate where it could forward an ally while boosting their damage input.


Sparkle's Ultimate (Photo from Star Rail)
Photo from Star Rail
The Hero with a Thousand FacesRecovers 4 Skill Points for the team and grants all allies Cipher.

When allies with Cipher trigger the DMG Boost effect provided by Sparkle’s Talent, each stack additionally increases its effect by 6.0% (12% at max lvl), lasting for 2 turns.

The Ultimate provides four SP at face value, but it is also another DMG increase.

In summary, the Ultimate applies Cipher, and once allies have Cipher, the 9% damage increase from Sparkle’s Talent becomes 15%. If both Sparkle’s Talents and Ultimate are at max level, their combined damage increase would be 58.5%

Sparkle’s abilities don’t stop there. Thanks to her additional traces, carries in Star Rail can do more damage.

Additional Traces

Sparkle's Traces (Photo from Star Rail)
Photo from Star Rail
AlmanacWhen using her Basic attack, Sparkle regenerates an additional 10 Energy
Artificial FlowerThe CRIT DMG Boost effect provided by the Skill will extend to last until the start of the target’s next turn.
NocturneIncreases all allies’ Crit Rate by 15%.

When there are 1/2/3 Quantum characters on your team, all allies deal 5%/15%/30% more Quantum damage

Players can view a summary of Sparkle’s buffs below:

  • 58% damage increase from Sparkle’s Talent and Ultimate if they’re fully stacked and max-leveled
  • 15% Crit Rate
  • 30% Quantum DMG IF players have three Quantum Allies
  • Crit DMG: 30% (IF Ultimate’s at max lvl) of Sparkle’s CRIT DMG plus 54% (at max lvl)

Note: These are based on leaks and are subject to change

Sparkle’s Eidolons

Sparkle's Eidolon (Photo from Honey Hunter)
Photo from Honey Hunter

Players can view Sparkle’s Eidolons below. This upcoming Quantum Harmony character is already phenomenal at Eidolon 0 (E0), but if players are willing to spend to get more of her Eidolons, then a great stopping point would be E1 or E2.

Suspension of Disbelief The Cipher effect applied by the Ultimate lasts for 1 extra turn. All allies affected by Cipher have their ATK increased by 40%.
Purely FictitiousEach Talent stack allows allies to ignore 8% of the enemy target’s DEF when dealing DMG to enemies.
Pipedream Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Life Is a GambleThe Ultimate recovers 1 more Skill Point. The Talent additionally increases Max Skill Points by 1
Parallax TruthUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Narrative PolysemyThe CRIT DMG Boost effect of Sparkle’s Skill additionally increases by 30% of Sparkle’s CRIT DMG, and when she uses her Skill, the CRIT DMG Boost effect will apply to all allies currently with Cipher. When Sparkle uses her Ultimate, this effect will spread to all allies with Cipher should the allied target have the CRIT DMG increase effect provided by the Skill active on them.

Gameplay and Team Synergies

Every Quantum carry is great with Sparkle; however, Seele and Qingque would get the most value out of Sparkle’s passive Talent. Qingque loves to use her Skill multiple times, while Seele could get multiple turns while spamming her Skill.

Sparkle also has great synergy with Imbibitor Lunae (IL), as mentioned earlier. IL’s full potential is released when he can use three SPs on every turn, which he could easily get with Sparkle’s Ultimate and Talent. His kit also allows him to proc Sparkle’s Talent easily.

And that is everything players need to know about Sparkle and her powerful kit in Honkai: Star Rail.

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