Horizonbound Reveals: New Traits, Units, and More

Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound

Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound reveals have commenced. Spoilers include new traits, units, portals, and little legends for Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5.

Horizonbound Reveals New Traits Bilgewater and Ixtal

Horizonbound Bilgewater Trait
The new Bilgewater trait comes with seven new units! Photo courtesy of Teamfight Tactics

Bilgewater and Ixtal are the new regions coming to the game. With Bilgewater comes seven new units: Graves, Illaoi, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Nautilus, Nilah, and Gangplank. All things considered, Bilgewater seems to be a damage amplification trait. Some of the Bilgewater units are pirates in the Runeterra lore, so it would be a nice flavor win for pirates to be another trait in the upcoming set. The region also has a portal called Rat Town, where “lucky shops” can appear randomly for units that fit your team. Meanwhile, the Ixtal reveal will be later this week.

Horizonbound Reveals New Little Legend Chibi Irelia

Chibi Irelia
Irelia is the newest champion to have a chibi little legend. Photo courtesy of Teamfight Tactics

Irelia joins the highly sought Chibi club. Following Chibi Gwen, Chibi Irelia may have animations upon eliminating players from the lobby. Occasionally, Riot Games influencers give these cosmetics away to their community.

Horizonbound Reveals New Units Fiora and Silco


New Unit: Fiora
Fiora is a Demacian Challenger in this set! Photo courtesy of Teamfight Tactics

Fiora will be a 4-cost Demacian Challenger in Horizonbound. Fans theorize that she might replace Yasuo since they are both 4-cost melee Challengers with Omnivamp to sustain while dealing damage. Additionally, she might take either Jarvan IV or Lux’s slot as the 4-cost Demacian.


New 4-costs Silco. Photo courtesy of Teamfight Tactics
Photo courtesy of Teamfight Tactics

Silco will be a unit from Zaun. His other trait has yet to be revealed. Fans of the Netflix series Arcane will be stoked to see this unit since he is not a champion in League of Legends yet.

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