Ice Spice’s Mom Unveiled: Decoding Charina Almanzar’s Sudden Stardom

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Ice Spice and her mom, Charina Almanzar. Photo by AuxGod on X

Ice Spice’s mom, Charina Almanzar, suddenly rose to stardom after the internet saw a clip of her vibing to one of her daughter’s songs.

Many attribute their looks to be eerily similar, even confusing some fans as to which one is Ice Spice and which one is Spice’s mom.

Ice Spice’s Mom Shows Where Ice Got Her Spice From

Don’t believe the countless internet users who think they look alike? Many even mistake them for twins.

She became a viral hit in August 2023 after she danced along to one of her daughter’s songs, “Deli.” After that, social media blew up, trying to look for her Instagram account.

Some internet sleuths even cry out to stop gatekeeping her socials so they can find her after seeing the video of Mama Spice.

Now, she’s a social media sensation with the admiration of the artist’s followers.

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, even said in an Apple Music interview in February, “Mom’s a baddie, so she knows what it is.” Furthermore, she continues to praise her mom for her badassery.

She told Billboard that she got her “bad b–ch-isms” from her Dominican mom, who’s been turning heads since she was a kid.

Aside from the genes, her mom inspired her to look as best as possible by being a leading example.

“You already know Latina girls have that sass. I remember she would always have her nails done so that trickled down to me. she was just always looking so good. I was that kid in the class who had the good-looking mom.”

Ice Spice

Who Is Ice Spice’s Mother?

Her mother remains enigmatic, almost always called “Ice Spice’s mom.” However, her real name is Charina Almanzar, and she’s raised her child to be a star since her younger days.

How Old Is Ice Spice’s Mom?

There isn’t information on the rapper’s mother’s exact birthdate. However, we can make an educated guess with information from Ice Spice.

The rapper said that her mother gave birth to her when she was 17. We can use her age to get the closest estimation.

Considering Ice Spice is 23 now, it’s safe to say her mom is around the range of 40-41 years old.

What Is Ice Spice’s Mom’s Nationality?

Multiple reports allude to her mother’s roots coming from the Dominican Republic. However, there’s no other confirmation of this.

What Is Ice Spice’s Mom’s Height?

Reports say she’s around five feet and two inches in height.

Where Does Ice Spice’s Mom Live?

It’s known that Ice Spice comes from the Bronx in New York. A few records from the internet also confirm her mother comes from this area.

However, it’s difficult to confirm whether they still live there or have moved on after her daughter’s success.

Who Is Ice Spice’s Father?

Her father is named Joseph Gaston. We can see where she got her inspiration as an artist, as her father was a former underground rapper and she views him as a hip-hop OG.

What’s Her Father’s Nationality

He’s an African-American with Nigerian roots.

Ice Spice’s Parents’ History

Her mom and dad met at a McDonald’s when Almanzar was still a teenager. After Almanzar gave birth to Ice Spice at 17, everything went well until two years later.

This was when the couple split. However, their relationship makes sense as to why the daughter is such a music lover. She considers him a “true hip-hop head” since he’s constantly lecturing her about the genre.

Their relationship stays great as the rapper says, “But my pops, though, I’m his baby girl.”

Stardom Can Lead To Drama

Ice Spice isn’t entirely off the hook, though. She got into hot water after showing an underage TikTok star twerking to one of her songs.

A Lot Of The Rapper’s Success Is Thanks To Her

Ice Spice's Mom Unveiled: Decoding Charina Almanzar's Sudden Stardom. Photo by Nicki Minaj/YouTube
Photo by Nicki Minaj/YouTube

Her mother’s shown Ice Spice a ton of support, even before her rise into the limelight. Now, both mother and daughter are in the spotlight. The duo is turning heads while making a big splash in the recording industry and the internet overall.

The New York rapper has released viral songs, primarily stemming from TikTok. Some of her popular songs were “Munch,” “Princess Diana,” and “Barbie World,” which both featured Nicki Minaj.

The rapper of Dominican descent even featured in “Karma” by Taylor Swift, appearing in the music video while providing her extensive rap skills.

There’s also the “Boys A Liar Pt. 2” with Pinkpantheress.

Of course, we can’t forget the song that helped her mom rise to fame with the rapper’s fans, “Deli.”

She also tries to keep her family life as private as possible. Ice Spice’s family and their meteoric rise will keep the internet waiting with bated breath.

The Bronx artist recently released a music video last month, “Pretty Girl.” It’s already garnered 7.6M views in just four weeks.

Ice Spice isn’t the only celebrity whose mom blew up on the internet for being a “baddie,” though.