Is the Handshake a Thing of the Past?

Wimbledon:Artur Ashe, USA and Jimmy Connors, USA shake hands over the net here 7/5, after Ashe had won the men's singles title, with score 6-1,6-1,5-7,6-4, 5th July 1975.

Is the handshake a thing of the past?

A once routine behavior, no longer routine. Is the handshake dead?

The novel coronavirus has changed the way that many people around the world live. For most, it has forced us to be away from our friends and family and made us stay indoors.

When the world does eventually return to normal, there�s one question that seems to be on many people’s minds; will we ever shake hands again?

You could be purchasing a car, walking into a job interview, or meeting a friend for lunch. You greet the salesman, your potential boss, and your friend all the same way – through a handshake.

After Covid-19 forced most of the world to social distance, the thought of locking hands with someone else can be a scary thought for some. Widespread germaphobia is real.

Fear revolving around physical touch, including shaking hands, will vary depending on who you ask. While some people are afraid to go into a grocery store with strangers, others are perfectly fine with having a get together with friends with no mask and no socially distancing.

Due to the fear of coronavirus and physical touch varying so much from person to person, this may make it hard to transition to a substitute greeting. 

An April poll of more than 1000 Americans did show that 54% of them want to �transition to an alternative greeting�, via

Origins of the Handshake

The handshake dates all the way back to the 5th century BC. It was a symbol of peace, showing that neither person was carrying a weapon. Over time, the handshake began to lose its origin and just became a way of greeting.

Alternatives To The Handshake

Although it may be difficult to abolish the handshake, a lot of things have been difficult during this Covid-19 Pandemic. If the world does have to say goodbye to the handshake, there are alternatives. Some options include a simple smile, a bow, maintaining eye contact, or placing your hand over your heart.

Have your say — do you feel comfortable shaking hands after Covid-19?

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