Johnny Somali Threatens PewDiePie With Lawsuit For Calling Him A Terrorist

Johnny Somali Threatens PewDiePie With Lawsuit For Calling Him A Terrorist. Photo by Johnny Somali/BBC | PewDiePie/YouTube

Johnny Somali is unhappy with how PewDiePie called him a terrorist. Furthermore, he thinks the latter’s actions are fueled by racism against him as the Swedish YouTuber is an “anti-Semite.”

Johnny Somali Wants To Sue PewDiePie

The 111M subscriber count YouTuber recently made a video calling out influencers coming to Japan only to disrupt the peace. He called them out for ragebaiting to get more clicks and garner more clout for their brand. Furthermore, he showcased how Japan is even practicing measures to counter “terrorism” from YouTubers and the like.

One of these influencers he called out, not by name but through video, was Ramsey Khalid Ismael, otherwise known as Johnny Somali. The American-born Somalian influencer disrupted the peace by playing loud music at a Japanese restaurant, yelling “Fukushima” while trespassing on a construction site, threatening to “Nuke” Japan again and more.

As a response, he calls back to when the Swedish YouTuber yelled the “N-word” while playing PubG with his friend. He even calls him a racist and an anti-Semite. Moreover, according to his argument, he doesn’t like the hypocrisy PewDiePie is showing,.

The Kick streamer disliked PewDiePie’s words and accusations so much that he’s threatening to sue him in court for slander and libel.

Meanwhile, he tries to clear his name by claiming the authorities dropped the charges. Ominously, he also promises that he will return to Japan after clearing it up that he’s not permanently banned from the country.

He’s Clout Chasing

The small-time streamer is trying to grow his brand by causing more drama with PewDiePie. Like the latter warned, he’s trying to ragebait many into knowing his name. So far, it’s working out. His tweets about this drama are getting more engagement than his usual tweets.

However, negative PR is still publicity in his eyes. PewDiePie hasn’t responded to any of this yet, and it’s highly unlikely he will. After all, he’ll only stoke the fire and provide more attention to Somali.

Do you think PewDiePie will respond?

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