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Keemstar Bets 100,000 Dollars That Logan Paul Isn’t Natty

Keemstar Bets 100,000 dollars that Logan Paul isn't Natty. Keemstar. Photo courtesy of DramaAlert/YouTube

Keemstar calls Logan Paul out, asserting that his physique isn’t “natty.” The YouTube news reporter is so confident that he’s betting 100,000 dollars, which would go towards a charity of Paul’s choice.

Keemstar is offering a lot of money

For the boxer to claim the money, he’d have to take a test within a designated 48 hours. However, Paul forfeits the money if he doesn’t accept the challenge or fails the test.

What’s natty?

This term is usually used by athletes to label other competitors or acquaintances. Natty is the slang term for being natural; this means that they don’t take substances like steroids to help boost their muscle gains.

The Prime co-owner is back in the fray

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - JUNE 05: Logan Paul takes part in the weigh-in ahead of his June 6 exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather on June 5, 2021 at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo courtesy of Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The older Paul brother has been getting into a lot of controversy recently. Dillon Danis has recently been harassing his fiancé by posting her “history.” Furthermore, he’s also called out JiDion for “siding” with Danis. Consequently, this made JiDion fire back with his own words.

Although Paul is in a lot of hot water, he’s not unfamiliar with it. One of these dramas would be his beef with his younger brother, Jake Paul. However, he claims that they’ve squashed their beef already.

Keemstar isn’t the only one wondering about it

Fans already think that Paul isn’t a natty. Some users point out that Craig Jones is smaller than Paul and is a known “juicer,” another word for using artificial substances. The remarks from the commenters don’t bode well for the 28-year-old.

X users (formerly Twitter) are already commenting on Keemstar’s video about how Paul will just ignore this as he has with other controversies. However, Keemstar’s callout will inadvertently help Paul as it causes extra buzz for the boxer.