Kevin Hart & Kai Cenat’s Hilarious Stream Hits 400K Concurrent Viewers

Kevin Hart & Kai Cenat's Hilarious Stream Hits 400K Concurrent Viewers. Photo by Kai Cenat/Twitch

Kai Cenat rewards his viewers with a collaboration with Kevin Hart. It’s a great move for the streamer as his stream with the comedian and actor hit 400K concurrent viewers. This is quite the success for the streamer, especially after his Elden Ring subathon.

Kevin Hart Plays Off Kai Cenat So Well

The comedic duo hits the right jokes so well that anything they say and do carry humor. Moreover, fans are stoked with Cenat’s success to the point that he’s met celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice and Hart.

Their dynamic seems to be a father-son team-up as Cenat tries to explain the idea of Twitch streaming to the comedian. The streamer attempts to explain what subscriptions (subs) are, which are just monthly payments to get extra benefits like sending a text-to-speech message on stream. It also removes the requirement of watching ads on the specific streamer they subbed to.

Hart starts calling out the person for subbing. Cenat clarifies that it’s a good thing, but the former takes it back.

Instantly after learning that T-Pain subbed to the stream for only 50 gifted subs, he calls him out for being a “cheap a–.”

Their Antics Are Downright Hysterical

Cenat tries to show off his acting chops to Hart. The performance does not impress the latter.

They also play “What’s in the box” to which Hart squeamishly runs off after touching whatever’s inside the box.

The stream garnered so much success that they broke the 400K concurrent viewers, with both comedians dancing in Cenat’s track suits.

Hart even makes fun of his co-host for asking Tyla out and failing to get the “Yes” from the artist.

Ultimately, it was a successful stream that helps the streamer build his brand even more all the while providing premium content to both their audiences.

Did you enjoy the Hart & Cenat stream?

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