League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending

League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending. Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends Season 13 (LoL for short) has been going all out with its releases, skins, and gameplay updates. Now that we’re in split two of the season, many players are waiting for the end—for the rewards, of course. There’s also the new preseason, which adds more gameplay dynamics and mechanics.

When Does The Second Split End For League Of Legends Season 13?

League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending. Photo by Riot Games
Photo by Riot Games

This is probably one of the biggest questions ever to be asked about the season. Season 13’s second split was originally ending in November. However, they’re changing it to Jan. 3, 2024.

Thus, season 14’s first split will start on Jan. 10, with three ranked splits throughout the year.

This is supposed to help all players acclimate to the new gameplay changes in January; the first month of the year, so we all get a fresh start with the season.

Furthermore, we received Victorious Anivia if you ranked Gold or higher with 80 points (or achieved 1600 points if you’re stuck Silver or below).

To make this up to us, Riot Games will reintroduce the Arena game mode in December.

League of Legends Season 13: The Bad

Now, we need to give props to the game developers for doing their best to keep the game stable. However, it hasn’t all been great. From bugs to items being overturned to champs getting gutted, not all changes worked for the fans.

League Of Draktharr

League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending. Photo by Amos Arawiran
Photo by Amos Arawiran

One of the most prominent early winners for the season was the Duskblade of Draktharr. Its passive was changed from stealth to literal invincibility for 1.5 seconds.

Moreover, the lower your enemy’s health was, the increased your damage was. It was 15 percent initially, then increased to 20 percent.

The item was too strong and prevalent, so it landed on the 16 percent mark instead. Also, its invincibility proc cooldown was increased to a whopping 30 seconds from 10.

Despite the nerfs, it’s still picked up as a decent assassin item.

Prowler’s Claw Who?

League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending. Photo by Amos Arawiran
Photo by Amos Arawiran

From a grand mythic to a laughable legendary, it arguably makes some dash champions overpowered. This was probably the biggest change Riot did to the season.

This used to fix many issues for melee champions without mobility while wanting to close the gap. Furthermore, it also amplified your damage to the champion you dash on.

K’Sante Bugs In League Of Legends Season 13

Bugs in season 13, who knew? This is probably one of the worst offenders on this list. A tank champion who dashes multiple times and deals pure damage, and that’s not even the bug. Yes, they’re all features. No wonder Showmaker hates him.

The bug adds a dash to the tank/assassin/bruiser/adc/every role champion, making him even more challenging.

League Of Legends Season 13’s Rank Push Is Harder Than Normal

Pushing rank was supposed to be quicker this season. The addition of Emerald and the removal of the promotion series were supposed to help players. Now, Diamond just seems harder to get during this ranked season, especially for former Platinum players.

Instead, many complain about the lack of LP gains and disappointing matchups due to the flawed Matchmaking Rating (MMR for short) system. Add this to the usual horrors of placements in solo queue and hoping they don’t ruin your placement games, and you’ve got the ingredients for a catastrophe.

Here’s to hoping we still get the Victorious skin for the second split, right?

Essentially Removing The Ping System

Admittedly, it was a toxic practice. However, there are still moments where you need to ping your teammates’ items.

The perfect example would be when you want your support to ward. How do you tell them without typing for five seconds? Ping their support item. They walk into a bush and ward. Simple.

Now, you can’t. While it has lessened toxicity, it also has worsened the game.

League Of Legends Season 13: The Good

Enough of the negative vibes; it’s time to appreciate season 13 for its positives as well. They’ve added a lot of quality-of-life improvements to the game.

While some may consider it lowering the skill floor and skill ceiling, a more inclusive game helps keep it healthy.

League Of Legends Season 13’s Latest Champ: Briar Might Be Good News For New Champions

League of Legends Season 13: The Good, The Bad and The Split Ending. Photo by Riot Games
Photo by Riot Games

This chomping, hungry hemomancer is more on the good side of broken. That’s a problem, but Riot’s already on the case with a few nerfs for her.

Why is the addition of this champion good? A new mechanic in the form of self-taunting.

This removes control from her, but it also makes her stronger. Troll Warlord needs to watch out; there’s a new berserker in the fray.

Ping, Ping, Ping

You can now earn money by pinging wards in the game. Not only does this provide you with a whopping five gold, but it also lets your team know a specific area of the map is warded.

This will help your team coordinate ganks based on vision.

However, this lowers “skill” for the game for some.

Furthermore, pinging an objective creates a poll at the bottom right of the screen. This helps your team coordinate to do the Dragon or not. Your jungler will try and solo take it anyway, even if all four teammates say no to the play. But the addition’s great, at least.

Less Stream Sniping And Get The Pick You Want

Now, you can move slots and maybe get that last pick for mid or top lane. No more first-pick mid-lanes that have to fight against a last counter-pick from the enemy.

Furthermore, the removal of names and identities in the game helps prevent stream snipers from recognizing if they’ve hopped into your game or not. This also helps reduce toxicity from players recognizing who you are and instantly ruining the game.

However, when you do load in, hope that they won’t ruin the game anyway.

What’s Next For League Of Legends Season 13?

Photo by Riot Games
Photo by Riot Games

The Summoner’s Rift might be changing in the next season, according to some leaks. However, that’s still conjecture based on screenshots from leakers on X (formerly Twitter).

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Arena is returning around December for those who loved it.

The Jungle might get another rework, which is the nth time in the game—this would help keep the game fresh.

Here’s to hoping the dev team continues to provide great content for blind picks and ranked mode.

Are you excited about the upcoming changes and the new season start?

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