Malakai Black on signing with AEW: “I feel like wrestling got a win.”

Malakai Black Makes his AEW Debut. AEW Dynamite Road Rager , July 7th 2021 in Miami, FL
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling's newest acquisition Malakai Black particularly enjoyed his AEW debut. Black's debut surprised the whole wrestling world and collectively broke the internet as a result. Speaking to his subscribers on Twitch, Black commented the following about keeping his debut a surprise.

 "We made it a thing to make it available to as limited people as possible because that's how you keep it under wraps. Security, Cody Rhodes, and a few others. It may have been five or six total people. It was a good feeling. It's been a rough seven or eight months but I feel like I got a win last night. I feel wrestling got a win."Malakai Black speaking on his Twitch. H/T to Fightful for transcription

Originally, Malakai Black's WWE release occurred on June 2nd, 2021. Therefore, Black's non-compete clause is expected to last the standard 90 days. However, due to WWE making a clerical error with his contract, his non-compete clause only lasted 30 days. Thus, allowing Malakai Black to make his All Elite Wrestling debut. PWInsider's Mike Johnson first reported the clerical error in Malakai Black's WWE contract.

Malakai Black's AEW Debut

As previously mentioned, Malakai Black made his All Elite Wrestling debut on Wednesday, July 7th, in Miami. Additionally, the July 7th special edition of AEW Dynamite (billed as "Road Rager") was AEW's first show outside of Daily's Place in about 18 months. Despite the initial fanfare and hype around AEW's return to live touring. The show dropped in overall viewership and the 18-49 key demographic.

AEW's YouTube video of Malakai Black's debut accumulated over 1 million views. Additionally, the video entered the trending section of YouTube.Thus, Malakai Black's debut indeed shocked the wrestling world. Alongside Malakai Black, former WWE star Andrade El Idolo also made his AEW debut. El Idolo defeated veteran wrestler Matt Sydal during Road Rager. AEW later confirmed Black's signing with a graphic posted on Twitter.

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