NBA 2K21 Adds Even More WNBA Features to Next Gen

WNBA Player Jump Shot

After introducing the WNBA in 2K19, the game developers had a platform to build off. In this year’s next-gen edition of the game, the WNBA is bigger than ever before.

The most notable addition is the ability to create a female MyPlayer for the first time in the game’s history. An entirely new mode called “The W” has been created to account for the new features.

“The W”

Essentially, the new game mode will be ‘MyCareer,’ featuring WNBA characters as an alternative to the NBA. Players will have the chance to live out a WNBA player’s career, both on and off the court.

Interestingly enough, 2K added a huge amount of depth outside of basketball. Reportedly, non-basketball jobs are available during the offseason and can add experience and points. Players can be coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers, and even fashion models.

Developer Felicia Steenhouse detailed the aspect in the official release.

In the Courtside Report, Steenhouse went on to describe the mode, asking, “What’s important to you? Growing the league? Securing money now? Setting yourself up for a career after basketball?” 

The consequences and rewards of actions attempt to make players take their other actions into account even more so than the traditional NBA MyCareer.

This mode is a highlight of WNBA players and their true impact in addition to their on-court play.

Within the new mode hosts an online rendition similar to MyPark of past games. 

Simply called ‘The W Online,’ this mode will consist of mostly 3v3 matchups featuring only WNBA MyPlayers.

Disappointingly, MyPark will still be closed off to female MyPlayers, but ‘The W Online’ hopes to fill this gap in the WNBA gameplay.

WNBA Franchise Mode

A fully fleshed out WNBA franchise mode is also included in the next-gen edition. Franchise mode is a staple of NBA teams, but it never gained a mode for WNBA teams until now.

It is essentially a copy and paste of franchise mode with players allowed to take control of all 12 current WNBA franchises.

These new additions certainly bolster the game’s diversity and may add a new player base, but many players are left wondering why female characters still can’t play the MyPark mode.

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