New Star Wars Outlaws Won’t Be About Saving the Galaxy

New Star Wars Game Won't be About Saving Universe. Kay and her partner, Nix

The new Star Wars Outlaws will center more around Kay Vess’ journey than fighting against the Jedi or Sith. The galactic war will still be happening around you, but that won’t be the focal point based on GameInformer’s interview.

Star Wars outlaws setting

The game will be set in between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The Empire and Rebellion will still be around, but it’ll be more of a setting for Vess’ shenanigans around the criminal underworld of the Star Wars galaxy.

There are still stakes but not just for the galaxy

New Star Wars Game Won't be About Saving Universe. Kay and her partner, Nix.
Photo courtesy of Star Wars/YouTube

Star Wars Outlaws will bring you to different planets in search of adventure. Multiple business relationships are possible with syndicates like the Pykes and the Ashiga clan. Your choices will affect these syndicates, and they may grow to hate or love you—both of which will have consequences.

Sometimes saving the galaxy isn’t enough

Games and media are slowly filling up the vacuum made by the market saturated with world, galaxy and universe-ending threats. This creates room for games to explore characters that don’t have to save the world. Kay Vess is one of these characters; she’s not looking to save the galaxy; she just wants to make it big.

The Mandalorian sets another excellent example in the Star Wars Universe. In Season 1, Din Djarin is only tasked to save Grogu, better known as baby Yoda. While it does have more significant stakes, fans enjoyed the adventure of one man trying to save a child.

“… lets our protagonist (The Mandalorian) pinball round the galaxy meeting everyone on relatively neutral terms because they are a neutral player who can do things for them that will help,”

Francis on Quora with the question “Why do people love The Mandalorian but hate the new Star Wars trilogy?”

Does the premise seem familiar? Because that’s what Star Wars Outlaws is setting itself up to be. A relatively neutral entity that helps other entities in the galaxy because they are neutral.

While waiting for the Star Wars Outlaws release, why not check out Starfield? A similar space-faring adventure where you can visit over 1000 planets.