Nvidia Introduces DLSS 3.5 with Clearer and Crisper Visuals

Nvidia Introduces DLSS 3.5 with Clearer and Crisper Visuals

DLSS 3.5 (Deep Learning Super Sampling) changes up the game. NVIDIA has made tons of progress since it debuted its AI super sampler DLSS in 2019. Back then, they only focused on games such as Battlefield V and Metro: Exodus. Now, gamers get a whole host of games to play around with DLSS. Games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and its new DLC: Phantom Liberty. Maybe even the upcoming Half-Life 2 RTX will include it.

What Changes With DLSS 3.5?

NVIDIA promises the upgrade to include extra AI, fewer denoisers, less ghosting and better frames. Gamers are amazed by the progress NVIDIA has created in just a few years.

DLSS 3.5 features less ghosting

Nvidia Introduces DLSS 3.5 with Clearer and Crisper Visuals. Car in Cyberpunk 2077. Ghosting in Cyberpunk 2077
Photo courtesy of Hardware Unboxed/YouTube

As you can see from the screenshot, there are red lines on the side—it shouldn’t be there. This is what gamers call ghosting. Since NVIDIA’s super sampler AI and its denoisers use lower resolutions and super sample it to a higher one. Due to this, the AI uses past frames to recreate the current frame, which leads to details being where they shouldn’t be.

While it might try to blend past frames into the current one, there will always be a limitation. However, NVIDIA is introducing another AI, Ray Reconstruction, that coincides with DLSS to help improve these visuals.

The games will be less noisy than your downstairs neighbor’s dog

Nvidia Introduces DLSS 3.5 with Clearer and Crisper Visuals. Effects of Ray Tracing
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Games and visual media will always have noise due to different reasons. Since traditional denoisers require manual work, many works will have a blurry, static effect. However, images with Ray Reconstruction’s AI look crisper, thanks to the AI reconstructing the image through machine learning and frame blending.

More frames

There’s one thing gamers want: frames, specifically, frames-per-second. This dictates how smooth a game looks on their screen and generally gets better the higher it goes. With DLSS 3.5 introducing Ray Reconstruction, games won’t require the multiple denoisers the older DLSS versions have, which takes a load off your PC or console’s hardware.

clearer and crisper frames

Thanks to DLSS 3.5, Ray Tracing will make your game look even more beautiful since denoisers used to ruin reflection quality thanks to their frame blending. NVIDIA is pioneering a new age of gaming, and they’re raising the stakes and frames with their AI work.

With the recent news, gamers will even be more disappointed with Starfield not including DLSS.