PewDiePie Calls Out Obnoxious YouTubers For Ruining Japan

PewDiePie Calls Out Obnoxious YouTubers For Ruining Japan. Photo by PewDiePie/YouTube

PewDiePie has had enough YouTubers, streamers, and influencers roaming Japan, ruining everyone’s experience. He doesn’t name names because he doesn’t want to give them clout, but he’s happy with their arrests and fines.

PewDiePie Life In Japan Is Getting Affected

PewDiePie moved to Japan with his wife, Marzia, in May 2022. As great as living there is, the tourists seemingly try to ruin the experience for other people. Meanwhile, Japan has become more locked down towards foreigners, and it’s in huge thanks to these influencers that annoy others.

Even from the get-go, YouTubers are calling out other influencers who don’t respect the country they visit. This all started thanks to Logan Paul and his “incident” with the Aokigahara forest in December 2017. He stayed and even filmed a dead Japanese person in a notorious suicide area. Understandably, many called him out for his lack of empathy, common sense and intelligence.

Now, Japan is running exercises where they treat influencers like terrorists. Meanwhile, fellow Japanese pose as these YouTubers and point cameras at the military. In turn, the latter have to “disarm” them safely while checking everything on their belongings. Furthermore, the faux influencers also use fake spray against the officers to help the simulation.

“YouTubers are ruining Japan. All these YouTubers are coming, trying to be as obnoxious as possible, get a bunch of attention, get a bunch of hate clicks. It’s gone so far that Japan is starting to take action.”


It Doesn’t Stop There

PewDiePie Calls Out Obnoxious YouTubers For Ruining Japan. Photo by PewDiePie/YouTube
Photo by PewDiePie/YouTube

Admittedly, the police have arrested a few Japanese influencers for doing outrageous activities. Meanwhile, one of them put a mattress in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, forcing police to detain him.

However, most of these incidents involve foreigners entering Japan looking to make a ruckus. He thinks the Japanese people’s kind and courteous treatment of others encourages this more.

“I think because it’s Japan, everyone is so nice. People assume it’s okay to take advantage? They have this idea that ‘No one’s going to tell me off, so it’s okay.'”


Lastly, he calls out another streamer, who he only says is a “Kick streamer.” The police arrested and fined this streamer, Johnny Somali, for playing loud music at a Japanese restaurant. Furthermore, he broke into a construction site while yelling, “Fukushima,” the disastrous nuclear accident in 2011.

Ultimately, the Swedish YouTuber calls him cringe and disappointing.

“So f–king funny too, so painful. So he got arrested, now he got deported. I don’t know if he’s banned for life, or anything like that but I think it will be really difficult for him to enter again which is good.”

PewDiePie sarcastically reacts to the “Fukushima” clip

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