Police Arrest Squeeze.benz After Hit And Run On N3on’s Stream

Police Arrest Squeeze.benz After Hit And Run On N3on's Stream. Photo by Squeeze.benz/Instagram

The police gave Squeeze.benz his comeuppance after his stream with N3on showed them recklessly hitting another driver on the road. Instead of stopping to resolve the issue somehow, the former drove even faster to escape the situation. Now, the NYPD has him under custody.

NYPD’s Warning To Drivers

Squeeze’s moves around New York risked many lives, especially on the freeway. He’d film himself racing through the streets, passing cars like in an action movie.

He’d livestream this to his viewers as a form of garnering clout. It worked as the internet started to know him as the reckless driver to tune into. However, the consequences of his actions eventually caught up to him during N3on’s collaboration stream with him.

The latter asked to only go above “10 miles above the speed limit.” Squeeze accepted the condition but decided to disregard it anyway.

Thanks to the NYPD’s X account (formerly Twitter), the community can rest easy. The police now have custody of the driver and are awaiting trial. They warn others not to follow in his footsteps, as they’ll apprehend anyone who recklessly drives around the Big Apple.

Squeeze.benz Gets Face Reveal?

With any arrest comes a mugshot, which most people ignore. However, Squeeze never shows his face to his viewers. Now, fans can finally see who this driver is.

The New Ark police department’s Instagram showcases the face of Antonio Ginestri, 19. They apprehended him for “eluding an incident that occurred on Thursday.”

There’s still enough doubt to question whether this is truly Squeeze. However, the description points towards “videos” that police noticed showing Ginestri avoiding police and committing crimes on camera.

Meanwhile, the case is still pending, and New Ark’s police say he’s still innocent until proven guilty.

Do you think this is Squeeze, or is it someone else?

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