Ranking Nav�s Albums

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 14: Musician Nav performs onstage during day 1 of the Rolling Loud Festival at Banc of California Stadium on December 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Ranking Nav�s Albums

Despite all the hate, criticism, and internet trolling Nav receives, he has produced seven solid albums to date. Let�s go through and rank all of them.�

7. NAV

Best Songs: Myself, Mariah, Some Way

Before this album, Nav was the king of SoundCloud. 

Nav�s self-titled project helped him go from SoundCloud star to a large figure in the rap game. The Canadian rapper and producer first became popular when Kylie Jenner posted a video to her Snapchat story playing Nav�s �Myself� in the background. 

6. Reckless

Best Songs: Champion, Eat, Freshman List

Dropping in 2018, one year after Nav and Metro Boomin�s hit album �Perfect Timing,� �Reckless� was a bit of a disappointment – even NAV knows it; �I handed in the album like an assignment... I cared about money, I cared about girls, I cared about the wrong things – not the music,� he said about the album.�

At the time, Nav was one of the top rappers in the industry, and that seems to have played a role in the disappointment of the album. �When I came in the game I was blazing hot, in my opinion � That kind of got to my head. You start feeling like they gon� listen to whatever you give �em.� The album also featured one of the Top 100 songs of the year in �Champion� featuring Travis Scott.

5. Bad Habits

Best Songs: Tap, Price On My Head, Dior Runners

After announcing on Instagram that he was quitting music in solidarity with his close friend Lil Uzi Vert, fans didn�t have to wait long for Nav�s return. Announcing he was leaving music late January of 2019, the Toronto native dropped �Bad Habits� March 22nd of the same year. Bad Habits has since earned Certified Gold and is one of his top albums. 

4. Bad Habits (Deluxe Version)

Best Songs: Amazing, 8 to a 4, OK

Four days after releasing �Bad Habits,� Nav dropped the deluxe version of the album featuring eight new tracks. Overall, it�s a very solid project. If it weren�t for the minimality of the album, it would be higher on this list. 

3. Brown Boy 2 (Good Intentions Deluxe)

Best Songs: I�m Up, Sprite Clean, Extra

For the second consecutive year, Nav dropped a deluxe version to his album. Three days after dropping his much anticipated �Good Intentions,� Nav followed it up with a deluxe version, which was oh-so-close to topping the original album. This deluxe version only has two features; Quavo and Lil Duke.

2. Good Intentions

Best Songs: No Debate, Status, Recap

Many people thought that Good Intentions was a make or break album for Nav. In my opinion, it was a big make. Good Intentions has big-name features including Future, Travis Scott, Gunna, and the late Pop Smoke. This album has a little bit of everything; fast and upbeat tracks, slow and melodic songs, and songs in between.

1. Perfect Timing 

Best Songs: Hit, Minute, Call me

Nav and Metro Boomin�s �Perfect Timing� is a masterpiece. Dropping just five months after his self-titled project, Perfect Timing turned Nav into a legitimate superstar in the rap game. The album has features from Lil Uzi Vert, Offset, Playboi Carti, Belly, 21 Savage, and features the hit tracks �Call Me� and �Minute.� A few months after the release of this project, Nav told fans that there would be a �Perfect Timing 2�. Many fans are still waiting for it.

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