Reina Is the New Female Heihachi and the Last of the Tekken 8 Roster

Reina is coming in hot (Photo from Tekken 8)

Tekken 8 fans are hyped to see Reina’s gameplay trailer. She is an exceptionally cool female fighter who completes the roster of the game. Reina’s design and voice lines scream a whole new level of confidence. What’s interesting, though, is that loyal fans noticed a lot of similarities between Reina’s moves and the late Heihachi’s. Also, did we mention that Reina is Heihachi’s illegitimate daughter?

Who is Reina?

Reina is introduced sitting in the middle of the famous Mishima family dojo and even has special interactions with Jin Kazama in the trailer. This could lead to an overarching narrative in the game, considering Reina is Jin’s aunt.

When Kazuya appeared, he also didn’t recognize Reina. This makes the latter laugh. Reina makes sure her brother remembers her by dragging him to the ground, which could potentially be her heat smash.

Reina’s extraordinary skills come from the fact that she’s a dual fighter. With her family roots, she knows the Mishima fighting style like the back of her hand. Thus, she has mastered the Electric Wind God Fist and Spinning Demon moves. Furthermore, Reina has no trouble executing powerful moves, such as the Heaven’s Wrath stance, which originated from the late Heihachi.

Besides these moves, the Tekken community has noticed similarities between Reina and Heihachi’s headbutt, stomp, and palm thrust. It just goes to show that even with the old man gone, his legacy lives on through his daughter.

A hidden reference in Reina's winning pose (Photo from Bandai Namco)
Photo from Bandai Namco

More about Tekken 8

Official art of Tekken 8 (Photo from Bandai Namco)
Photo from Bandai Namco

Players got to experience the game back in October when the closed beta was open for three days. It will be available worldwide on January 26, 2024, and playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Additionally, Tekken 8 will have 32 characters at launch, including Reina, Jin, Devil Jin, Lili, and more.

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