Rent a Girlfriend Author Gets Tangled in an AI Controversy

Rent a Girlfriend (Photo from TMS Entertainment)

Rent a Girlfriend, a popular comedy-romance anime, faces an AI controversy as its author shows interest in AI art. The anime community also didn’t appreciate how the author fed their own art to the AI’s database.

On March 26, 2024, Reiji Miyajima shared his fascination and excitement towards AI on his official Twitter account. Apparently, he found the entire thing interesting and decided to “feed” the program with his creations. As a result, fans got an AI art of Chizuru Mizuhana

Note: Mizuhana is the female protagonist of Rent a Girlfriend.

The tweet now has over eight million views and 27k likes.

The Community’s reaction

Currently, the community is divided despite the popular disdain for AI. Of course, plenty of fans are angry and disappointed that a manga artist such as Miyajima would support AI art.

Some are concerned that the artist of Rent a Girlfriend may start using AI for the manga’s future chapters.

The other side of the debate is that the community finds it reasonable for artists to use their own art to make an AI version of it. Plus, it was simply for fun.

Additionally, there are no current laws in Japan that prohibit the use of AI. As a result, the Japanese community applauds Miyajima due to the fact that AI could make a manga artist’s life easier.

This argument was drawn from manga artists’ harsh schedules and workloads. AI gives hope to the Japanese community because it could lead to less workload, less stress, and more time with themselves and their families.

Currently, Rent a Girlfriend already has three anime seasons and 35 volumes. It is certainly one of the most popular in the romantic-comedy anime genre.

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