Riot Gives Fans Early Christmas Gift With Their Winterblessed Skins on PBE

Winterblessed Camille Splash Art (Photo from League of Legends)

League of Legends has been on top of its game in the past few days. Worlds 2023 ended, and as T1 won, Riot received the highest number of views in the history of E-sports. Furthermore, they released all the drastic and new gameplay changes coming in 2024 including map changes and the removal of items. On top of all that, Riot’s new gift for fans this Christmas is the arrival of the second batch of Winterblessed Skins in PBE.

These champions will be receiving new Winterblessed skins:

  • Annie
  • Camille + Camille Prestige
  • Hecarim
  • Hwei
  • Lucian
  • Senna
  • Sylas
  • Thresh

The skins are already live in PBE, but the rest would have to wait until Patch 13.24 hits the League servers. The new Winterblessed skins will make their debut on Dec. 6, 2023.

All skins will cost 1350, save for Senna and Camille. The former will have a legendary skin, costing 1820 RP. Camille, on the other hand, will get her very first prestige, costing 2,000 event tokens, which players can get from the incoming battle pass.

We already saw a glimpse of Sylas and Thresh’s skin from the previous PBE. Hence we’ll be focusing on the other six champions.


The elegant lady now uses her robotic legs to skate across the Winterblessed ice. Notable changes include her mark turning into a frosty snowflake. Aurora Borealis effects have also made their way into most of her skills.

The best thing about this skin is that her hair buns remind fans of Jeanne from Bayonetta.

Lastly, here are Camille’s chromas.

Camille's Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X

Camille Prestige

Prestige Camille Splashart (Photo from League of Legends)
Photo from League of Legends

Camille’s entire kit is now blessed with mystical blue jewels and designs. Her shield resembles a stunning prism. On the other hand, the shield mark on enemies alternates between a blue and warm yellow north star jewel.

Overall, everything in this skin elevates Camille’s elegance to the next level.

Senna (Legendary)

Senna’s locks are now tied in this skin. Additionally, her skills are now imbued with the spirit of the Winterblessed. For one, her E shrouds her in a snowy starry mist. Her root is also decorated with intricate curves with a star in the middle.

The most notable change, however, is her Ultimate. Ice buildings will appear alongside an ice chandelier during the Ult animation.

Additionally, when Senna Ults in this skin, her hair and gun glow right after. The photo below shows this change.

Senna's 3d model (Photo from @league_ref on X)
Photo from @league_ref on X

Unfortunately, Riot has yet to release Senna in PBE. Players only have access to her unique voice lines courtesy of SkinSpotlight.

Lastly, here are Senna’s chromas.

Winterblessed Senna Chromas (Photo from SkinSpotlight)
Photo from SkinSpotlight


Make way for the new Winterblessed princess. Annie is here alongside her new-found crown and royal dress. On top of this, Tibbers also acts as a butler who would give his life to protect his Highness.

Annie’s shields are now mixed with the hue of the Aurora Borealis, making them pretty for the audience.

Additionally, here are Annie and Tibbers’ chromas.

Winterblessed Annie Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X


With this character making its way on the Winterblessed skin line, fans have joked that he is now officially a reindeer. Hecarim’s effects are as detailed as the others on this skin. Therefore, fans should keep an eye on his Ult where he leaves a path of stars and night skies on the ground.

Finally, here are Hecarim’s chromas.

Winterblessed Hecarim Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X


Fans call Hwei the new Aphelios of the mages. He is League’s latest champion, surprising everyone with the 10 spells on his kit. Hence, to celebrate his arrival, Riot has designed all of 10 spells in his new Winterblessed skin.

Riot has also given fans his chromas.

Winterblessed Hwei Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X


Winterblessed Lucian Official Splashart (Photo from League of Legends)
Photo from League of Legends

Lucian is finally back together with his wife in this skin line. His signature emote where he leaves a smirking emoji on the ground makes its way back into his Winterblessed skin.

Winterblessed Lucian Emote (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Additionally, his Q leaves a snowy swirling mist in the air after it’s cast.

Similar to Senna, Lucian’s hair and guns glow whenever he dashes with his E. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last as long as Senna’s glow.

Lastly, here are Lucain’s chromas.

Winterblessed Lucian Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeakson X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X

Sylas and thresh

As mentioned earlier, these two made their debut back in PBE version 13.23. Thus, you can check their skins here. Their chromas were released today, and fans can check them out below.

Winterblessed Sylas Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X
Winterblessed Thresh Chromas (Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X)
Photo from @LeagueOfLeaks on X

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