Roblox Games are Exposing Children to Gambling

Roblox Games are Exposing Children to Gambling

Roblox has been a staple for young gamers since 2010. Being a platform where you can play and create games of all genres, it grew massively after games that mimicked other popular genres started showing up on the platform.

A wild lawsuit appears for Roblox

Rachel Colvin and Danielle Sass filed a complaint against the Roblox corporation. This was because children could now gamble through a third-party website that used Robux as its currency.

What is robux?

Robux is the premium digital currency in Roblox which can be used to purchase services or cosmetic items in the game. Usually, gamers buy the premium currency through a credit card.

How can children gamble in Roblox?

Roblox Games are Exposing Children to Gambling
Photo screenshot of the gambling website

Gambling happens in multiple instances, even when it doesn’t seem like gambling. The first type of this would be loot boxes. Gamers know loot boxes, and they’ve been featured in multiple games like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch 1 and Roblox games.

These loot boxes required some payment to open, giving you the “chance” to win a specific item. Sometimes, the gamer won the item they wanted; sometimes, they didn’t. The latter happened more often. As a result, it would lead some gamers to continue to spend until they got the item.

The reason for a lawsuit against Roblox is the second type. It’s an actual website that allows players to use their Robux or cosmetic items (which have monetary value) to play a coin flip or roulette minigame. This website, Rbxflip, allows children to play an actual casino game with money. Thus, exposing children to gambling.

This isn’t roblox’s first rodeo with drama

Additionally, they’ve had a few moments of drama in the past. One of these is unfair payment to their developers. This Reddit post highlights many of the problems. Some of it being:

  • Children aged 9 – 15 are encouraged to create “experiences,” as Roblox can’t legally call games.
  • Roblox promising “Reach millions of players,” “Make anything” and “Earn Serious Cash.” Roblox removed the last part in 2021.
  • Furthermore, they pay the child developers with Robux with horrible cash conversion rates.

However, that’s not all. The post above mentions multiple more issues that the company has. The game is promising and entices many children to keep playing with interesting games. Nevertheless, would you let your child play Roblox with the upcoming issues?

This isn’t the only drama this month; Likewise, the Red Dead Redemption 1’s Switch and PS4 port trailer has received flak from fans.