Rockstar Games Is Selling Pirated Copies Of Their Games On Steam

Rockstar Games Is Selling Pirated Copies Of Their Own Games On Steam. Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games/Steam

Rockstar Games is causing waves in the gaming community once again. While their Red Dead Redemption 1 trailer has not gone unnoticed, gamers are amused and angered with their antics on Steam.

Rockstar Games trips on their own DRM

To counter piracy, Nintendo is adding digital rights management (DRM for short) to their Switch games. Meanwhile, Rockstar is using piraters’ copies for their Steam release.

X user (formerly Twitter) Silent discovered a line that says “Razor 1911” on an old .exe file. Razor 1911 is a famous pirate group that cracks games and distributes them for free.

Rockstar Games Is Selling Pirated Copies Of Their Own Games On Steam. Photo courtesy of Vadim M/YouTube
Photo courtesy of Vadim M/YouTube

Cracking is the process of removing the DRM so gamers can play the game without paying the company or retailer any money.

Paying customers are suffering

Usually, this would only cause a little controversy due to how little damage it does to consumers. However, this is a special case because Rockstar put anti-piracy measures in the game. This would usually stop progression for the gamer with an illegal copy through “bugs” that happen. These bugs would be doors locking, falling through the floor, or hindering experiences.

It worked for the first few days, but the pirates eventually cracked these anti-piracy measures. Consequently, with Rockstar Games using cracked .exe files for their release, it causes the anti-piracy measures to kick in despite buying the game.

Vadim M showed this discovery with Rockstar Games’ products in his YouTube video. These products are specifically Manhunt and Max Payne 2.

Fans are even more furious with Rockstar Games

Due to this, fans are erupting with anger and disgust again. The negativity is warranted because pirates are playing the game with no issues while paying customers have to suffer through the anti-piracy measures.

“When the cracked version is better than the original version, DRM has a negative impact on games, Rockstar got that right lol greedy basta**s”


While DRM does provide protection to the game and ensures the developers get their money’s worth from their games, it also provides issues that pop up years later.

Do you think developers should still use DRMs for games? Not all gamers detest piracy, especially with this Starfield mod that requires you to subscribe for $5 to access specific options.