Severance Season 2 Is Finally Done Filming but Won’t be Released Soon

Severance official teaser photo (Photo from Apple)

Good news for Severance fans: Season 2 has finally finished filming despite the endless delays and issues that plagued this beloved TV show.

Costume designer Carol Deelay confirmed this when she posted on her Instagram a few hours ago. Unfortunately, her profile is private. Hence, not everyone can see this post themselves. But we’ve provided a screenshot down below:

Season 2 Severance finished filming (Photo from Instagram)
Photo from Instagram

Everyone is thrilled to see the words, “It’s a wrap on Season 2.”

Despite this, however, we still don’t have a final release date for Season 2. Post-production still takes a lot of time and effort. This includes editing, sound mixing, and adding any special effects scenes would need. Worst case scenario, director Ben Stiller could even call key actors and actresses to reshoot some scenes or add new ones.

iMore noted that the first season of Severance took eight months to air after they finished filming. Thus, fans may expect the same timeline before Apple releases Season 2.

More about Severance

Severance Season 1 was one of Apple TV’s most popular series, so it wasn’t surprising that it was greenlit for a second season. It aired back on February 18 and ended on April 8, 2022, and left its fans with an intriguing and addicting cliffhanger.

As the team wrapped up filming, we have news about the cast who’ll return for season 2:

CastSeverance character
Adam ScottMark Scout
Patricia ArquetteHarmony Cobel
John TurturroIrving
Christopher WalkenBurt
Britt LowerHelly Riggs
Zach CherryDylan George
Jen TullockDevon Hale
Dichen LachmanMs. Casey
Tramell TillmanSeth Milchick

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