Starfield Won’t Feature Dlss; Fans Views This as a Possible Red Flag

Starfield Won't Feature DLSS, Fan Says Possible Red Flag. Man on green, toxic planet

The game has garnered a ton of hype this month, but with a recent leak that says Starfield won’t feature DLSS, this could be one of its first red flags.

what is DLSS?

You read that right. Deep learning super sampling, or DLSS for short, is an upscaling AI that Nvidia has recently worked on for the past few years. More recent games like Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Spider-man and Dying Light 2 incorporate DLSS.

Nvidia created DLSS to help alleviate the stress their other creation, ray-tracing, put on video games.

The short and sweet of the technology is that DLSS allows you to lower your resolution to 720p and then upscale it to 1080p with only a little visual loss. It usually reduces graphics fidelity by a bit while providing a considerable bump to gamers’ performance with RTX video cards.

fans are worried since Starfield won’t feature dLSS

Starfield Won't Feature DLSS, Fan Says Possible Red Flag. Huge starship hovers over the planet
Photo courtesy of Starfield/Bethesda

Many commenters in the tweet above agree that FSR, AMD’s version of an upscaling AI, is inferior to Nvidia’s DLSS. Apparently, it doesn’t increase performance as much while still worsening graphic fidelity as DLSS would.

However, Sebastian Castellanos stated that if the situation were reversed, they would still cry out about the game not including FSR. It’s not about witch-hunting Starfield and AMD but rather having the option of all AI upscalers. This would demand the best from all corporations. In turn, making the product consumer-friendly overall.

“This is about demanding excellence from developers in releasing polished and feature complete games.”

– Sebastian Castellanos from Twitter

Gamers are hoping for a day-one patch that will include DLSS support.

There’s still hope

Since Starfield won’t feature DLSS, there is still hope. With review codes rolling out this week, there is still the hope that FSR will live up to DLSS’ name. There’s also the possibility that Bethesda might roll out an update that includes DLSS in the game.

Have you started pre-downloading Starfield yet? You wouldn’t believe how massive the size is.