The Latest Genshin Impact Character Banner: Wriothesley

Wriothesley's banner (Photo from Genshin Impact's Official Facebook Page)

Genshin Impact will have a brand new banner today featuring the latest five-star character, Wriothesley. Other than being a Cryo Catalyst DPS character, Wriothesley is a melee fighter who is ready to get into the fighting ring anytime. A lot of the fans even commented that he looks like someone who belongs in games like Tekken and Street Fighter due to his character design. To elevate his personality, Wriothesly is voiced by Joe Zieja (EN), and Daisuke Ono (JP)

Wriothesley's Official Art (Photo from Genshin Impact's Official Facebook Page)
Photo from Genshin Impact’s Official Facebook Page

The Genshin Impact Wriothesley banner will be up today at 6 a.m. EST, alongside Venti’s rerun, until Nov. 7. Both banners will have Thoma, Dori, and Chongyun as featured four-star characters. Remember that anyone can still win or lose the 50-50 when rolling for any of the five stars.

Wriothesley’s Lore

Wriothesley is known as the “Duke” of the Fortress of Meropide. The said fortress is Fontaine’s de facto prison and Wriothesley is its current administrator. The prison is where the convicted are sent to serve their sentence, which seems normal until players realize that the aforementioned place is sitting eerily at the bottom of the sea. 

Wriothesley is respected both inside and outside of the prison he currently works in. This was further proven by the character trailer released by Genshin today.

Wriothesley participated in a tournament within the Fortress of Meropide and defeated everyone with ease. What’s interesting is that Wriothesley extended his hands to help his opponents, and they took it. This showcases a healthy bond and sportsmanship between Wriothesley and the people within the Fortress of Meropide.

Wriothesley’s Kit

From what Genshin has shared so far, Wriothesley is a five-star Cryo DPS that specializes in powerful normal and charged attacks. He also has a unique HP manipulation mechanic that can make his punches stronger. 

His signature weapon, Cashflow Supervision, will be available for players until Nov. 7.

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