The Walking Dead: Destinies Splits Fan Opinions

The Walking Dead: Destinies Split Fan Opinions. Photo of Shane and Rick.

The Walking Dead: Destinies released its trailer recently; fans have mixed emotions about it. The trailer shows the gang’s journey from season one to four of the show. The video showed the locations from their old camp to the farmhouse then to the prison.

Telltale Games would be proud

Telltale Games is widely renowned for its choose-your-own-adventure games, one being a Walking Dead rendition. Fans loved the game thanks to its gripping storyline, lovable characters and possible decisions. These decisions would affect the story with specific characters treating you differently based on your actions. Sometimes, these choices killed specific characters off.

As a result, The Walking Dead: Destinies seems to follow in its footsteps with a “what if?” approach. One of the trailer’s focal points was the possibility of Rick getting killed instead of Shane.

the possibilities are endless

The Walking Dead: Destinies Split Fan Opinions. Photo of Shane and Rick.
Photo courtesy of GameNews/YouTube

Many fans speculate how the storyline would change with Shane leading the survivors instead of Rick. Not only that but another fan, DylanJ10000, talks about how different the story would be if:

  • Jim/Jacqui/Jenner survived
  • Sophia survived/Carl died
  • Lori & T-Dog survived
  • Andrea killed The Governor
  • Judith died
  • Beth Survived
  • The survivors avoided Terminus

Indeed, the possibilities are all interesting, especially considering how a timeline would be based on the slightest difference.

The Walking Dead: Destinies graphics and voice acting

However, fans are complaining about the trailer’s graphics and voice acting. Many state that the graphics resemble PlayStation 2-era visuals. A Twitter user even says that it looks like a mobile game. Nevertheless, the trailer does state that it’s a work in progress. Thus, this leaves hope for gamers that the developers will touch up the visuals.

Fans are also taking issue with its voice acting. A commenter on the YouTube trailer stated,

“I’m going to play it, but this looks a bit rough. It’s getting closer to an actual TWD game we want. Also, did yall find the nearest hobo to voice act for Rick to save some money or?”

– Undead9189 from YouTube

Again, since it’s a work in progress and the game still has room to improve. Interestingly, the announcement seems to split fans’ opinions in half, with the YouTube trailer receiving 8,500 likes and 11,000 dislikes. Are you excited about the new Walking Dead game? Luckily, the game is coming out for the PS5.