TikTok’s Alternate Payment Methods Allegedly Goes Against Apple’s Rules

TikTok's Alternate Payment Methods Allegedly Goes Against Apple's Rules. Photo by TikTok

TikTok might be in hot water with Apple’s App Store. This is after a user posted screenshots of the app having “alternate payment methods.” It even suggests using their alternate payment method to avoid in-app service fees.

TikTok Is Trying To Circumvent Giving Apple Their Cut

For Apple to include your application in its app store, you must abide by its rules and regulations. This sounds easy enough, considering most rules are a given. However, there’s one caveat for most developers when they try to hit it big by adding their app to the Apple App Store.

Specifically, Apple takes a 30 percent cut from any purchases the application sells. No matter how big or small you are as a company, the world-renowned tech company will receive its dues.

It seems TikTok doesn’t want to abide by these rules, so they are adding a way to avoid paying extra for these fees. David Tesler showcases how TikTok offers an alternative payment method to remove Apple as the middleman and save the company and consumer’s money.

You can pay with Apple Pay to avoid paying the app store’s fees.

This is a bold move, especially with what happened to Fortnite in 2020. Apple found out they were trying to avoid paying 30 percent by offering their own in-store payment with fewer fees. Thus, Fortnite was removed from the App Store for years.

Moreover, it seems TikTok knows about this issue as well. They don’t offer the coins to anyone, especially the non-payers. Instead, Tesler highlights how the application only chooses a batch of people who have spent tons of money on this offer.

Epic Games’ CEO Chimes In

The company’s CEO who made Fortnite would want to join in. Tim Sweeney talks about how more applications offer their payment methods that remove Apple’s 30 percent cut. He even adds a bit of a snide remark by saying Apple would have to ban tons of games if they were to enforce their policies equally.

There’s still some bad blood between Epic Games and Apple. However, do you think TikTok will find its app removed from the app store?

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