Tucker Carlson Under Fire: Former Producer Reveals 90 Recordings Amid Allegations of Toxic Work Environment

Abby Grossberg and Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News, finds himself at the center of a growing controversy following his sudden departure from Fox News.

Reports have surfaced that the network’s executives have a dossier allegedly containing damaging information about Carlson. Allegedly the dossier could be used against him if he decides to criticize Fox News and its leadership.

Claims of Toxic Work Environment

The dossier is said to include complaints about Carlson’s workplace conduct, including disparaging remarks about management and colleagues. There are also allegations of fostering a toxic work environment. Despite these claims, Fox News has denied the existence of such a file, dismissing the report as “patently absurd and categorically false.”

Former Producer’s Accusations

Adding to the turmoil, Abby Grossberg, a former producer, appeared on MSNBC. She accused Carlson and his executive producer, Justin Wells, of causing her significant distress while on the network. Grossberg, who filed two lawsuits against Fox News, also revealed that she has 90 recordings from her tenure at the network.

Conspiracy Theory Promotion

Grossberg further alleged that Carlson was insistent on promoting a conspiracy theory which implicated the FBI in the January 6 Capitol attack�suggesting that the agency was responsible for orchestrating the insurrection. Grossberg asserts that she attempted to push back against this narrative. She cited an attorney representing one of the Proud Boys who warned her that the conspiracy theory was dangerous. However, the show’s staff allegedly dismissed her concerns.

Unclear Circumstances Surrounding Departure

The specific details surrounding Carlson’s exit from Fox News remain murky. The decision reportedly came directly from Fox News Chief Suzanne Scott and CEO Lachlan Murdoch. During the Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation case against Fox News, it is worth noting that controversial private comments made by Carlson came to light. Dominion Voting Systems’ settled the suit for $787.5 million.

Grossberg accuses Carlson, named as one of the defendants in her two lawsuits, of perpetuating a workplace culture that mistreats women, discriminates against religious minorities, and disregards individuals struggling with mental illness. Fox News has rejected Grossberg’s allegations and placed her on administrative leave. As of now, Tucker Carlson has not publicly addressed the case.