Tyler1’s Rise In Chess Scene Has Chess Master Issuing Him A Challenge

Tyler1's Rise In Chess Scene Has Chess Master Issuing Him A Challenge. Photo by Riot Games

Tyler1’s skill in chess only after a year of playing has a chess master who wants to challenge him. Anna Cramling, the creator of the “Cow Opening,” wants to have a go against the five-role challenger himself.

Tyler1’s Rapid Improvement In One Year Is Astounding

The League of Legends streamer only started playing chess a year ago, and he’s already rising the ranks. Even posted about his improvement, alluding to his newborn baby as his buff.

Ultimately, it’s impressive that he’s in the top 0.6 percent globally. When he hit this rank, he was the 53,573rd best player in the world.

Now, the creator of the streamer’s favorite chess opening, the “Cow Opening,” is issuing him a challenge. Cramling wants to have a one versus one once Tyler1 hits 2000 Elo in Rapid.

“When he gets up to 2000, I will send him a challenge. I don’t know if he’ll accept it, but I will try.”

Anna Cramling

While she may not be a grandmaster, she is an International Chess Federation (FIDE) master. Considering that both her parents, Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez and Pia Cramling, are grandmasters, it’s most likely she’s hitting that prestigious rank as well.

Thus, it’ll be an exciting duel between streamers as the student learns from the master.

What’s The Cow Opening?

It’s an interestingly named opening, which makes it seem like a meme at first. However, as Cramling and Tyler1 have shown, it’s been proven to work. This Reddit user sums up how the opening works and its advantages.

Ultimately, it doesn’t hold up to the longer-running openings, but it’s still an exciting innovation in a game as old as chess.

Even Tyler1 credits himself for making it more popular among the community.

Ultimately, it’s still up to Tyler1 if he accepts the challenge. There’s a chance that he won’t even reach 2000. However, judging his recent performance, it’s unlikely.

Do you think the one versus one will go through?

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