Valorant Champions Round 2 Upper Bracket: 6 Teams Remain

Valorant Champions Upper Bracket Round 2

We are now in Valorant Champions Round 2 Upper Bracket. FUT and BLG were eliminated in round 1 of the lower bracket.

FNC Dominates FUT in Elimination Series

FNC eliminates FUT
FNC eliminated FUT 2-0. Photo courtesy of VALORANT Champions Tour

FNC shockingly lost 2-0 against LOUD in Round 1 of the Valorant Champions playoffs. Despite the upset, FNC maintained their composure and systematically beat FUT in the lower bracket. They now await the loser of the PRX-LOUD series for another elimination game. FUT’s playoff run is still commendable. After all, they are the first Turkish team to go this deep in a major esports event.

EDG Sends fellow countrymen BLG home

EDG eliminates BLG
EDG eliminated BLG 2-1. Photo courtesy of VALORANT Champions Tour

BLG had an impressive international debut. After all, qualifying for the playoffs against the best of the best is no small feat. However, they were matched against China’s #1 seed EDG, and the lack of experience eventually showed. Zmjjkk and his op shots were on full display in this matchup. With his leadership, EDG advanced to Round 2 of the upper bracket, where they will face EG, the last defender of the homecourt.

Valorant Champions Round 2 Upper Bracket: Battle for Upper Bracket Semis

Day 12 matchups
The battle for Upper Bracket Semis slots is today. Photo courtesy of VALORANT Champions Tour

PRX will face LOUD for the first Upper Bracket Semis slot, while DRX will face EG for the other spot. The PRX-LOUD matchup has high stakes, mainly because the loser will face FNC in the lower bracket. FNC is currently attempting a three-peat, having won back-to-back international Valorant tournaments. Meanwhile, the loser of the DRX-EG game will face EDG. All three teams are hungry for a better placement from VCT Masters Tokyo. Catch the games live on the official Valorant channels on YouTube or Twitch.

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