Veteran Animator of Jujutsu Kaisen Never Wants to Animate for Mappa Again

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Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) has stormed social media with the recent episodes of the Shibuya Arc. Almost every episode is packed with action as the Jujutsu Sorcerers fight to the death against curses. While fans rejoice at the new episodes, the people behind the scenes think otherwise. It has come to our attention that Mappa animators are being overworked, with plenty of them claiming that they never want to animate for Mappa again.

One Piece Animator After Animating JJK: ‘This was the last time’

On Nov. 17, 2023, Vincent Chansard tweeted a bold and unfortunate statement. He shared that two years ago, he never wanted to work for Mappa again. Due to a request from a fellow animator, Hakuyu Go-san, he decided to return but promised that this would be the last time.

Vincent Chansard is a talented animator who worked on well-known animes. These include Boruto, Rwby, and One Piece. Sources have said that Chansard animated the Monkey D Luffy vs Kaido fight from One Piece.

Additionally, Go-san is a fellow animator who worked on Mob Psycho and One Punch Man.

Overall, with a great achievement under his belt, Chansard’s voice holds a great weight amidst the Mappa crisis.

Chansard worked on Jujutsu Kaisen’s Season 2 Episode 17. During that time, he and other animators reportedly went through horrible working conditions. They were tasked to finish multiple scenes in a short amount of time.

Chansard is not the only animator who complained about Mappa’s Working Conditions

Chansard’s tweet is a bold claim on how he’ll never return to Mappa again. Unfortunately, the tweets of other animators are also disheartening, to say the least.

Hokuto Sadamoto is the director of Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14.

Many fans liked this episode as much as the others, but Sadamoto didn’t feel satisfied at all. As a result, the animator had a complete meltdown on social media. He kept calling himself a coward and said he would live on as the worst animator who ruined a masterpiece.

Hokuto’s tweet about his mental breakdown (Photo from X/ User @azureoekaki)
Photo from X/ User @azureoekaki

Furthermore, a Reddit user compiled all the complaints from animators over the past few months.

Currently, the animation studio has released no official response despite multiple animators claiming that they never want to animate for Mappa.

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