xQc Calls Andrew Tate Brain Dead For Asking Women To Be Banned From Gaming

xQc Calls Andrew Tate Brain Dead For Asking Women To Be Banned From Gaming. Photo by xQc/Instagram | Andrew Tate/Instagram

Twitch Streamer xQc doesn’t like Andrew Tate’s questionable take over women playing video games. He calls him out for even positing the idea. However, this isn’t xQc’s first time calling the red piller out.

xQc Shuts Andrew Tate Down

The era of the red-pill dudebros is slowly ending as those who flocked around the “Top G” start dissipating. Even big red-pill influencers like Sneako and N3on are branching out into other types of content. The former even suggests making a streamer house to create content with other creators.

However, Tate is still going off on his assumptions and hatred against the entirety of womankind. This time, he doesn’t want whiners in video games. Thus, he suggests that video games should ban women from playing them outright.

This is in response to a Valorant streamer, Taylor Morgan, reporting another player for threats of rape. Tate thought that she was being too soft in response, as “Men say the worst things to each other all day, and nobody cries.”

The former Overwatch streamer disagrees, even though games are usually more male-dominated. He’s against keeping gaming a pure “men-only” space.

This Isn’t The First Time The Streamer Interacted With The Red Piller

Two years ago, xQc joined a call with the usual red pillers of 2022, back when the whole movement was near its peak. Here, he called out Tate again for his stupid takes, but in classic xQc behavior, he had difficulty getting his words out.

Ultimately, this is a bigger problem than just influencers fighting it out. Morgan’s situation happens all the time in video games where boys continue to harass women out of playing games.

Riot Games’ Dev Team Lead, Anna Donlon, responded to this situation and assured the community that they were doing what they could.

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