Content Warning: A Limited-Free Game Like Lethal Company, But You Try To Go Viral

In game footage of Content Warning (Photo from Steam)

Content Warning is a multiplayer horror game that will be free on Steam until tomorrow! Make sure to get your copy before this limited promo runs out.

The game also looks promising. The safe home base seems to have cozy, vibrant colors. This is in contrast to when players are about to enter the horrifying world filled with monsters. In the latter mode, bloody red and pitch black seem to engulf everything in sight.

Monster in Content Warning (Photo from Steam)
Photo from Steam

Although the game was only released yesterday, it has an amazing rating of “Overwhelmingly Positive” thanks to its 4,000 reviews.

What is Content Warning?

Home Base (Photo from Steam)
Photo from Steam

To put it simply, this indie action-adventure game is very similar to Lethal Company. However, instead of trying to collect materials, you need to capture viral-worthy content to get a butt-load of cash. The gameplay reminds horror fans of the cam-recording mechanic in Outlast.

Furthermore, the game supports two to four players, in-game voice chat, and face customization. You and your friends have an ambitious dream of becoming rich. To do this, you must venture into the “Old World,” where monsters and death reside. Make sure to record everything you can before you run out of oxygen, battery, or friends.

The fun escalates tenfold once the surviving players gather at the end of each run. Everyone now has to upload their footage on Spooktube and prepare for a watch party.

Unfortunately, this means that players can’t avoid monsters, as a video without anything spooky won’t get any views. Each run to the Old World must go viral, and to do that, everyone must search for every monster they can find.

Spooky Corridor (Photo from Steam)
Photo from Steam

Rest assured that going viral has its perks such as gaining profit to upgrade your equipment!

If you miss the limited promo, the game will still be available for the cheap price of $8.

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