Content Warning Guide: How to Get More Views and Go Viral

Spooktube (Photo from the Content Warning Steam Community)

In Content Warning, you want to live your life as a famous content creator. However, starting content creators always struggle with how to get more views and revenue from their videos. A similar problem may arise in your first run within this game. Thankfully, this guide will help you solve that problem. Without further ado, let’s discuss how to get views in Content Warning.

1. Don’t waste footage if there’s nothing scary to film

Filming at base (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

The best advice we can give at the start of your Content Warning run is not to film anything that is not scary. It is also crucial to not leave your camera in the Old World, or you won’t get any views.

Filming your friends goofing around is certainly tempting. However, if you want to reach the required views per day, you should only record a very short intro.

The camera can only record up to 1 minute and 29 seconds of footage. Hence, you should only continue recording when you’re in the Old World. Avoid filming the dark sky, boring floors, chairs, ceilings or even anything in the base.

2. Record monsters, bones, and skulls.

A monster roaming in the Old World (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Steam

Your priority in this game is to explore the Old World and search for any kind of monster. This is the most reliable way to generate views.

Rib cage (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

Monsters will not roam as frequently during the first few days. To compensate, you could film any bones, rib cages, or skulls you find.

3. Don’t be afraid to record deaths

Monsters in the old world are definitely terrifying. If you and your friends aren’t careful, any one of you could easily die.

Monster killing (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from the Content Warning Steam Community

Deaths can certainly be avoided, but in the event they happen, get your camera ready and start filming. They give an amazing amount of views on Spooktube (as well as comedic comments).

4. Upgrade your equipment

Flashlight store (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

Many would agree that the mic quality and lighting in a video are important. Hence, it’s no surprise that the same can be said in Content Warning.

Once you have money to spend, use it to buy a better flashlight. These last longer and give your videos better lighting than the starter ones.

Buying a boom mic would also help with the video’s sound quality, making your voice clearer.

Boom Mic (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

5. Emote to Generate comments

Emote Store (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

Once you’ve earned enough revenue from your viral videos, you could use the extra money to buy emotes. Emotes will not only make your playthrough more fun and memorable but also generate more comments and views in your videos.

Additionally, if you are experiencing any audio issues, here are some steps you could try to fix them.

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