Everything You Need to Know about the New Heartsteel Skins on PBE

The Official Splash Art of the Heartsteel skins which are now live on PBE (Photo from League of Legends)

After Heartsteel released their debut song, Paranoia, Riot Games officially released their skins in PBE a day later to continue the hype. League players who have access to PBE can now test the Heartsteel skins. Riot will accept suggestions and fix any annoying bugs until they are released for everyone on version 13.22.

It was worth the wait ever since the first appearance of these boys on the internet.

The official League of Legends YouTube channel released a trailer and re-introduced the boys the fans all love.

The skins are filled with cute, cool details that can be easily missed; hence, it’s time to go through them individually. 

Ezreal’s Heartsteel Skin on PBE

Ezreal is the vocalist of Hearteel and collaborated with EXO popstar Baekhyun. Ezreal’s usual taunt will now have a beat of Paranoia softly playing in the background. 

Furthermore, his skills have striking blue and yellow colors, giving a pop-punk vibe. For one, his W has a little scared emote every time it’s thrown. 

Ezreal's W has a little emote when thrown (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Lastly, his ult has the most effects. The music of Paranoia is played once again once it’s thrown, while another scared emote is drawn on it. Additionally, all the members of Paranoia make an appearance behind him.

Furthermore, fans are lucky to see the early art concepts for Ezreal.

Early art concepts for Heartsteel characters (Photo from Julia Shi in Twitter)
Photo from Julia Shi on Twitter

Kayn’s Heartsteel Skin on PBE

Kayn is the rapper that kicks off Paranoia in its first seconds. However, he has an alter ego named Rhaast. Kayn’s skin is unique because his in-game character has three forms: his basic, his shadow form, and Rhaast.

His recall animation is a call back to a moment in Paranoia where he’s trying to sneak inside a heavily guarded facility. Riot also gave him a new dancing taunt. Surprisingly, Kayn’s prominent symbol is a star, which can be seen on his orbs and when he enters walls.

Additionally, Kayn has a unique emote where he texts Akali in her KDA All-Out skin.

Kayn texts Akali in one of his emotes (Photo from League of Legends)
Photo from Bess on Twitter

Lastly, here are Kayn’s early art concepts.

Aphelios’ Heartsteel Skin on PBE

Aphelios is the silent genius behind Heartsteel’s music. The greatest detail about his skin is how his five different guns have new neon animations.

His sister Alune, whom everyone loved, appears every time Aphelios ults. She has a new art and a variety of colors depending on the guns Aphelios uses.

Alune has a new art for the Heartsteel Skin in PBE (Photo from SkinSpotlight)
Photo from SkinSpotlight

Here are the early art concepts for the twins.

Sett’s Heartsteel Skin

Sett is the Co-Founder of Heartsteel alongside K’Sante. His original lore is about his journey as a fighter, which still bleeds through the skin of his once players watch his recall animation.

A cool detail about this skin is how Sett’s W and his ult leave a mark on the ground once used.

Sett's Ult leaves a mark of his Heartsteel logo (Photo from League of Legends)
Photo from League of Legends

Fans also get to see his early art concepts courtesy of Anh Dang.

K’Sante’s Heartsteel Skin

He is the other Co-Founder of Heartsteel. Neon yellow-green and blue colors fill K’Sante’s skin. Unfortunately, this skin feels the most underwhelming due to the lack of visual effects compared to the others.

One notable detail, though, would be Sett’s beanie, which can be found in K’Sante’s recall animation.

Below are his early art concepts.

Heartsteel K'Sante's early concept art shows a variety of clothing designs (Photo from SeanSketches on Twitter)
Photo from SeanSketches on Twitter

Yone’s Heartsteel Skin

Yone is the producer behind Heartsteel. He loves to work behind the scenes to help the band grow. The favorite detail of Yone fans was when he wore a mask in the music video. Thankfully, this makes an appearance in his recall animation.

The visual effects of Yone switch between red and blue colors. His basic attack sometimes emits the color red, while other times they are blue. Moreover, the shield from his W is red, but the dash from his Q is blue.

Yone dash has the color blue while his other skills are color red (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Lastly, it is great that Yone has his mask even in his early art concepts.

Yone Heartsteel Skin (Prestige)

While some animations remain from the basic Yone skin, this Prestige version has flashier colors and visual effects due to its rarity. This skin can only be bought from the Worlds Battle Pass with 2000 tokens, similar to the last Prestige skin, Coven Akali.

Unfortunately, Yone players prefer the cheaper version due to its better design. The main complaints are the colors, the fact that his hair is down, unlike the basic skin, and the design of his swords.

According to Yone mains, his swords should be distinctly different, with one looking normal and the other looking slightly magical. This design has been consistent in the basic Heartsteel skin and even in Yone’s previous skin, Inkshadow.

Yone's swords look too similar when Yone mains say it shouldn't be (Photo from SkinSpotlights)
Photo from SkinSpotlights

Yone players have discussed their suggestions and complaints in-depth in the PBE thread on Reddit.

Those are all the Heartsteel skins released in today’s PBE. They will be available in the next patch of League, which should be around 1-2 weeks from now.