Helldivers 2 “Review Bomb” Cape Might Be Added To The Game

Helldivers 2 "Review Bomb" Cape Might Be Added To The Game. Photo by Arrowhead Game Studios/Steam

Helldivers 2‘s reputation may have plummeted due to Sony’s greedy move. However, Arrowhead’s CEO is taking it upon himself to bring back the community’s goodwill for Helldivers.

Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape Would Be A Good Middle Finger To Sony

The whole PSN-account-linking debacle earlier this month rattled the gaming community. Helldivers even lost a community manager due to this issue. However, things are looking up for the game, as many have come back after Sony changed their mind about requiring PSN accounts to play it.

Now, the developers of the freedom-dispensing game are looking to make a joke about the whole issue. Most fans seem to be on board with the idea, at least. Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead’s CEO and Creative Director of Helldivers 2, recently showed this cape with familiar red accents.

That’s right; these lines resemble Steam players’ reviews of the game after Sony forced gamers to link their PSN accounts. In response, players negatively reviewed the game in protest. Ultimately, it created an excellent design for a cape, with its blue and red lines contrasting one another.

This isn’t confirmation that it’ll be the review bomb cape, but all signs point to it. Even the CEO is excited about it, as shown in this tweet.

When Will Helldivers 2 Come Back For The 177 Restricted Countries?

Sony’s big oopsie has sullied their relationship with Steam/Valve. As such, it’s become a difficult conversation to bring back. However, Pilestedt is doing his best to return the game to all the affected countries, saying he’s working tirelessly.

He promises that he’s working on it every day. Nevertheless, thanks to Pilestedt and the rest of the developer team’s efforts, many fans’ goodwill for the game has been redeemed.

The review bomb cape would be funny. However, Sony might consider this too big a slight and shut it down.

Are you playing Helldivers 2 again?

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